December 27, 2013

Year in Review: October, November, December

In the movie world, the fourth installment of a franchise might be thought of as a bit much.

But for the purposes of the 2013 Review Extravaganza, it can only be seen as being thorough!

This week's year-in-review post encompasses the most recent three months. One would hope one can remember these easily. Let's see....


Oh this was a big bloggy month because I decided to change the name of my online home from just JENNIFER to Dancing in the Rain! I also launched The View From Here series (which, incidentally, I am looking for contributors for, so please click that there link and let me know you wanna)! I love this series so much, and I hope you guys are enjoying it too.

Besides that, I admitted that therapy has been such an amazing thing for me, I claimed to be fierce, asked told everyone to stop being judgy, listed 10 reason I liked being a soccer mom and shared how we helped prepare our kids for medical emergencies.


I wanted people to stop being judgy in October, and said we shouldn't be assholes in November. Someone who isn't an asshole is my daughter's role model.

I shared a list of comfy things and why I'm not into holiday gift guides. Then, with help from a reliable source, I put together a post chock full of health care reform info.

Also, my husband had another minor heart attack (yes, really) and I contributed a guest post about the mysteries of blogging to Yeah Write.


On the 2nd I shared a fun little exchange between me and my husband, then got super serious about a tough question our daughter asked.

I wrote about good blogger etiquette and blasted my daughter's middle school for being apathetic.

Finally, I shared the adorable keepsakes both of my children gave me in kindergarten and sent you all Merry Christmas wishes!

(Less blogging in December happens. What'r'ya gonna do?)

Joining in on the Review Extravaganza has been so fun!
The first three weeks are herehere and here.

Goals and Hopes for 2014

Well, "hope" was my word for 2013, and I think it was appropriate. I definitely felt it, and tried to live it. I sometimes have private goals for myself. I tend to keep them private because I used to be chicken when it comes to accountability. But I don't feel that way anymore, so here goes:
  • I'm pretty sure my word for 2014 will be Brave.
  • I want to find the key to unlock my daughter's potential in school.
  • To keep up, and step up, the healthier choices I've been making for my body.
  • Celebrate my 40th birthday with pride.
  • Continue seeking opportunities to spread my wings as a blogger.
  • Use up my scrapbooking supplies and fill the pages I have left to fill with the photos I have printed that have been sitting in a box for several years now.
  • Finish knitting the pillow cover I started 2 years ago.
  • Figure out how to take down all the blinds and wash them in the bathtub.
  • Do more gardening.
  • Volunteer at the food bank.
  • Spend another year with my husband.

What about you? Have you started thinking about the upcoming year?

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