November 26, 2014

What I'm Thankful for Right Now

Yes it's Thanksgiving week and yes, lots and lots of people are thinking (and writing) about what they're thankful for.

As it should be.

I am no different. If you've read me at all, you know I share my gratitude a lot. In the four and a half years I've been blogging, I have never been able to let Thanksgiving go by without some sort of thankful list.

So why should this year be any different?

It shouldn't.

Even though it has been one of the hardest years. Or rather, BECAUSE it has been a hard year?

I have another post started in which I'll elaborate on that subject. Like, maybe next week.

RIGHT NOW -- as opposed to in general -- I am thankful for:

1. My mother-in-law. I cannot say it enough. Her moving here this fall has been a godsend. She is so very helpful with all my husband, the kids and I need. Also, she is kind, funny and a great problem solver. She always cheers me up. She's not just a family member. She is my friend.

2. Frozen, canned and boxed foods. I know, I know, pre-prepared food is so bad for you, blah blah blah. But you know what, when you've been spoiled by a husband who can cook, but he can't much right now, and you still want to put some sort of real meals on the table, but you have so many other things to do too.....

3. Coffee. I'm at a 2 cup minimum to get me really going these days. Two and a half is really good, with a 3rd (or would that be 4th?) in the afternoon.

4. The couch we bought in August. It's like Mark had a premonition that he would be spending so much time on it beginning the very next month.

5. Gut instincts. I mean, I think. Because you can't really know if they're steering you in the right direction until whatever you needed to make a decision about is seen through. In this case, choosing not to have Mark undergo a muscle flap surgery to heal the open wound on his chest caused by infected broken sternal wires (from bypass surgery in 2010). The doctors don't like that he's trying to heal it on his own, but it just feels wrong to put him through that surgery at this juncture. Mark was the first one to feel this way, and I do too now.

6. Wound VACs. What is a Wound VAC, you ask? It's negative pressure wound therapy, or Vacuum Assisted Closure. Mark has two wounds he is trying to heal with the assistance of a Wound VAC, on his chest and his right foot. The jury is still out on the foot, but I really do think his chest will heal.

7. The health of my daughter's eyes. That might sound odd, but she is almost 14 1/2 and is near sighted, like I was as a kid. It was at age 15 when I started having my eye problems. She just had a check-up, and although I might have held my breath while the doctor took a peek at her retina, all appears to be just fine with her. From the sound of it, in fact, I don't think her eyes are anywhere near as bad as mine were (and are).

8. Blogging/writing. Forever and ever, amen.

9. Here's a funny one: fixing my bed. I recently discovered that one of the casters had come off of the frame, which made my bed not level. The foot was slightly higher than the head. It was driving me crazy, but it's one of those things that you think of and then the thought promptly leaves your brain. One day recently I finally got down on the floor and felt around, found the caster (aha!), hoisted my bed up just enough to slip that sucker back in the post thingy, and voila, my bed is level again. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't horribly dirty under my bed.

10. Vacation Pay. Mark is probably never going back to work, but he was able to cash in his vacation pay, timing it so we have some extra money to make merry this year. Again, more on that next week.... :-)


This post brought to you by Tuesday Ten.

November 24, 2014

I Don't Need to Pledge Not to Shop on Thanksgiving

Have you seen this?

Pledging not to start your Holiday shopping on Thanksgiving Day seems like a worthy thing to do, right?

It's meant to be a day for gratitude and family. To make yummy food together, eat it, clean it up, have seconds, have pie, watch football or a movie and just SPEND TIME with those you love.

You shouldn't be itching to get out the door to the local mall for scrambling and brawling over the latest hot toy for your kid or grandkid. The next day, Black Friday, is soon enough for all of that.


November 20, 2014

A Post About Puke

I hate vomiting.

I don't think anybody likes it, but I have been known to feel so strongly against throwing up -- and try with all my might not to -- that when I finally do, I also pass out. And cry.

Then fall against the bathroom door so my husband can't get in to check on me.

You see, before I met Mark, I wasn't around people who had serious health problems. In my mind, if you needed to expel the contents of your stomach back out through whence they entered, you were really sick.

And probably dying.

November 19, 2014

The Caregiving Learning Curve

In the wake of my husband's most recent hospital stay, the wounds left to (try to) heal and his inability to walk, I had a moment when I thought, "Is this all that's left for us? For me?"

Like, is taking care of my husband, accompanying him to appointments, refilling his meds....all the things he needs these days, what my life is now? Am I much more of a caregiver than anything else?

This thought made me sad. For several reasons....

What about our marriage? Our friendship? Being a couple, in any sense of the word? I'm afraid that will all fall away....

I've never felt unfulfilled by "just" raising kids, so why does the thought of "just" taking care of my husband make me feel differently?

November 17, 2014

5 Randomly Quirky Things

Who's up for some "5 random things" Old School Blogging?

Just telling you five random things about myself might sound easy, but I somehow have to choose which five things it will be (that you hopefully don't already know)....

Answering questions is easier, man!

1. Here's one my father just learned about me: Even though my toes are cold, I don't want to put something on my feet. I don't. I am not a fan of wearing anything on my feet in the house. It just bugs me. I think I want to feel the floor....or something.

Problem is, I'm getting older and my toes are getting colder. I am now understanding why old people move to warmer climates. Sigh. So yeah, I own a pair of slippers and several pairs of funky socks and I am begrudgingly wearing them around the house.

November 14, 2014

Because of Love

My dad, for all his inherent manliness, is really a big softy.

There are many things he's taught me during my life, like:
  • How to ride a bike
  • How to cook the basics
  • Work before play (but DO play)
  • Love of music
  • Responsibility
There have been lots of pearls of wisdom and advice given over the years (some that I took in and others I didn't, for better or worse), but the thing that sticks out the most in my mind right now, is actually something we talked about very recently.

November 13, 2014

World Kindness Day

Did you know today is World Kindness Day?

It was started by the World Kindness Movement back in 1998.

Waaaayyy back when I was a newbie blogger, I kinda, sorta inadvertently wrote a series of little posts of suggestions for performing random acts of kindness, inspired by the....wait for it....Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

You see, I never have been, and probably never will be, someone who is able to be super philanthropic, much to the chagrin of my bleeding heart.

November 12, 2014

How to Survive NaBloPoMo

Ah November!

AKA, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) or National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).

It is about writing every day. To either crank out an entire novel or 30 consecutive blog posts.

I am not a novel writer (nor do I have any aspirations therein), but I am a blogger and I have completed two NaBlos.

Oy. The second one made me swear them off entirely. I became downright sick of myself!

My theory is that NaBloPoMo is especially good for bloggers who need a push, who have fallen off the blogging wagon and want to get back on, or maybe newbies who are looking for the learning and networking to be gained.

So, perhaps you've planned ahead, plotting out what you will post each day of this month. Or maybe you decided to take the plunge at the last minute and are flying by the seat of your pants.