December 17, 2014

Give Us Gifts!

The Tuesday Ten topic this week is to share what's on our Holiday wish lists.

I mean, yeah, I have a list of stuff I want, but it's not necessarily on my CHRISTMAS wish list. It's just stuff I want.

And, I don't think I can rattle off 10 things right now (my brain, I'm sorry)....BUT, I do think it would be fun to share what my husband and kids want too.

All my family is wishing for MOST this Christmas is:

1. Cash, cash and more CASH. Seriously, I double checked with him. He really just wants money that he can spend any darn way he pleases.
2. A gold box chain necklace to replace the one Mark gave me on our honeymoon that my babies broke and broke until it died. (Thankfully I happen to know that this WILL be under the tree for me!)
3. My "Thankful" tattoo.
4. Clothes. I know, I know, most women say this. But I'll tell ya what, I discovered TWO newly ruined t-shirts of mine this week and I've been tossing hole-y underwear out left and right.
5. A Seattle Seahawks t-shirt (that I know will fit; why is that stuff sized small??).
6. A Surface Pro 3. The girl dreams big.
7. The hottest new smartphone (even though I just gave her my last one).
She's not getting either of these things, poor kid. But I do think she'll be happy with what she is getting. At least, she better be!
8. A Kindle Fire HDX. (Kindle, yes. HDX, no.)
9. Non-fiction books. The kid likes FACTS.
10. Pants. My son used to be this super skinny thing that pants would fall off of....until right after I bought him new clothes for school this year, at which time he decided to fill out a bit so nothing fits right.  
We ALL would love to have a white Christmas, but will most likely not happen. And something for Christmas dinner, which we haven't decided on yet.

I sincerely want everyone to feel good (cough, Mark, cough) and be happy. We're going to have a full house Christmas morning with my mom and step-dad, my dad and Mark's mom (for Christmas dinner too?). It will be chaos, but happy chaos, I hope!

PS: At the time I was writing this, I didn't know my husband had called a local butcher and ordered a prime rib roast. So....I guess that's what we're having for Christmas dinner!

Do you think you or your family members will receive any of the things on their lists?

December 15, 2014

6 Signs You Might Need a Good GNO

GNO = Girl's Night Out.

I got to get together with my girlfriends last week. It was for one of their birthdays.

The last time I had gotten together with all of them was for another one's birthday back in July.

That is way too long to go between Girl's Nights! Sad thing is, I had only missed ONE night when we were all supposed to hang out, so it's not like they were partying without me.

Ugh: Life.

Women need other women. No matter how much we love our significant others, children or extended family, girlfriends are a necessity. There are things that only they can understand and love you through.

So anyway, I got to thinking about how I know it's time. How I know it's been quite long enough, thank you, and I NEED to see my girls.

And because I'm super thoughtful, I will include HOW to make it happen.


December 10, 2014

No One To Talk To

I might need to go back to my therapist.

The other night Mark and I were having some issues with each other.

OK, we were arguing.

While of course I've never liked fighting with my husband, I really hate it now that he's so much sicker. It feels wrong somehow. Like, why are we fighting with each other when we have so many other things to fight?

It feels counterintuitive.

For my part (because I can't just go speaking for Mark), I am trying to balance being a loving, kind, understanding and caregiving wife to a chronically ill man with the fact that he's also still just my husband. And yeah, sometimes my husband pisses me off. Should I let him get away with saying or doing things I don't like because he's sick?

Am I supposed to just roll over and let him hurt me because he could die?

December 9, 2014

Touch Typing, Tattoos and my Toes

After I wrapped up the year-long View From Here guest post series, I launched Ask Jen, and have published two posts in which I answered a reader question.

However, I need more questions to answer! I have a few.....but they're kind of hard....

Luckily, I have been pointed to a list of 100 random questions and charged with choosing 10 to answer by the Tuesday Ten gals, Lisa and Rabia.

For Ask Jen practice!

1. Would you ever consider living abroad? Yes! England would probably be my first choice. For most of my life I couldn't imagine living anywhere besides the US (heck, couldn't even see myself living anywhere besides the West Coast of the US), but I've been getting a little more disenchanted by the politics in America (basically, assholes) and honestly wouldn't mind a break.

2. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? All of that in #1 said, yes, I do know all the words to The Star Bangled Banner and I love to sing it, standing, with my hand over my heart. And when someone delivers a kickass performance of it (Whitney), I even tear up.

December 3, 2014

Why I'm Really Looking Forward to Christmas This Year

In short, we've had one HELLUVA year.

I'm not usually one to begin thinking about gifts and decorations much before Thanksgiving (out of respect for the Day of Thanks), but this year is different.

I am eager and excited for the Holidays.

I am so ready to make merry.

My husband's health has been steadily worsening, most notably, over the past four years, since he had to undergo heart bypass surgery. A year and a half later, his heart went into Ventricular Tachycardia, a dangerous type of arrhythmia. We thought he might not make it through that, but he did, albeit weaker than before.

Mark struggled, but actually did pretty well for quite awhile after that crisis. Until this year. Literally all year long he has been fighting some battle or battles with his body. It is to the point now, that he has been on a leave of absence from work since the end of June and he hasn't been driving since mid-September.

He's not going to be returning to work, and we're thisclose to selling his car.

I am very overwhelmed as I type this all out....

Hold on.

December 2, 2014

What a Better-Than-My-House Would Have

Besides a few minor things, I am fairly content in the house we bought 4 1/2 years ago.

It has enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the four of us and is in a mostly safe, family-friendly neighborhood.

It's small, though. Compact, is the best word, I think. The homes in our neighborhood are on such small lots that they're actually zoned as condos (despite the fact that they are free-standing homes).

I don't personally care about being on a small lot with a tiny yard and close to my neighbors. I mean, I tried gardening and eventually decided it isn't my cup of tea, not to mention we came here from apartment living, so a HOUSE is a big deal.

I honestly love my little house.

All of that said......sure, I've thought of what a better house would be like.

My actual house.

December 1, 2014

4 Best Instagrams of November

Wait. What?

Psst: she isn't supposed to post this until Wednesday!

Yes, you're right.
I have a good reason for hitting publish a couple of days early, though.

I'm sharing my most hearted (liked) Instagrams of November on Monday instead of
Wednesday because I am co-hosting an Instagram link-up with Dreaming of Leaving.

Imma share my pics, and then we'll get to the linky, m'kay?

Instagram Hearts: November

Instagrammers love pictures of food!
Looks good, doesn't it?

November 26, 2014

What I'm Thankful for Right Now

Yes it's Thanksgiving week and yes, lots and lots of people are thinking (and writing) about what they're thankful for.

As it should be.

I am no different. If you've read me at all, you know I share my gratitude a lot. In the four and a half years I've been blogging, I have never been able to let Thanksgiving go by without some sort of thankful list.

So why should this year be any different?

It shouldn't.

Even though it has been one of the hardest years. Or rather, BECAUSE it has been a hard year?