December 13, 2013

Year in Review: April, May, June

Second week of the 2013 Review Extravaganza means the second quarter of the year....

And, GO!


Both my birthday and blogiversary happen in April so I invited you all to my Birthaversary Extravaganza. I asked you guys to link up favorite April posts and you did!

I wanted my son to slow down a little bit (a la Ferris Beuller), and I had high tea with my daughter. I expressed some feelings and drew a line at 39. (Ack! I'm gonna be 40 next year!)

I admitted that sometimes being different sucks, then celebrated three years of blogging.


I had a revelation regarding menstrual cycles, looked a gift horse in the mouth, got a little ranty and gushed over all things pop culture.

I noticed an irony as I was trying to learn to let go, wrote about the issue of perceived expectations and felt at a loss in regards to my daughter and school. Huh, I still do, only now, I'm angry.


I told a funny story about something one of my kids did and anticipated my girl becoming a teenager as only a mushy mom can.

I was filled with gratitude for my husband, threw out a few simple thoughts at the beginning of summer break and made a list of 10 things summer.

I recapped January, February and March last week, and will continue on into the summer next week. Oh, and it was a good summer!

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