October 7, 2013

Change is Good


Changes always throw us off a bit, don't they? Even if they're good changes. Like back-to-school or a new baby. We all need a little time to adjust or re-acclimate.

In the spirit of giving time to adjust, I wanted to announce as soon as possible that I am changing my blog's name, the URL and the design just a bit.

I have flip-flopped on whether I really wanted to do this for some time now. I couldn't think of any other good name. But then, I wasn't really trying very hard either.

Last night, the thought occurred to me again, but this time it wouldn't go away. So I thought, brought the idea up to Mark and we brainstormed back and forth. I hopped on the computer to look at my labels to see if any of the words I use to categorize my posts might trigger a name. A couple did and I checked GoDaddy to see if a matching URL was available. A couple URLs were available and couple weren't.

I still wasn't having an AHA, that's it! feeling. Then I thought about how much I like quotes, which led to thinking about my favorite quotes, then one stood out....

And it made so much sense in more than one way. I searched for matching URLs, found one and snatched it up!

Then I attempted sleep. After lying there thinking of exactly how to go about making the change and picking up my phone to write myself a note, I finally relaxed and drifted off.

But it was the first thing I thought of upon waking. You know when an idea won't leave you alone and makes you all antsy? That. I think it means I need to go ahead and make this change.

WHY do I want to change my blog name? Well, because I'm getting tired of my NAME being part of what I call my blog. Yes, this blog is all about me and my life, my perspective and experiences, and I don't plan to change what I write about. It's just that, while catchy, I don't think "just JENNIFER" is very descriptive of what this blog actually encompasses.

Also, whenever someone refers to me as "Jennifer from just JENNIFER", it sorta bugs me because it sounds very redundant. The name Jennifer itself is redundant!

So yeah. I feel that my blog has grown into so much more than I ever thought possible, so I think it needs a real name. I simply threw "just JENNIFER" up there in order to set the darn thing set up. I didn't really put much thought into it. But now I have and I think the change needs to be made. My blog has grown, and I've grown along with it. Neither my blog nor myself are really "just".

I have no funds to pay someone to help me with the changes so it will be all DIY (which is how everything on this blog has been thus far). So if you have any advice for me, BRING IT!

Just to reiterate: I am changing the name and URL of this blog soon. Gone will be the roller coaster metaphor. Staying will be ME, my writing and the colors (or lack thereof). I'm really excited about this and I hope you guys will be too!

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