October 20, 2013

Why I Like Being a Soccer Mom

I know there is plenty to complain about when it comes to being a soccer mom. Schlepping the kid to all the practices and games and sitting on the field, quite possibly freezing your booty off, sometimes feigning interest in what's going on, other obnoxious parents.....

I have two friends who have been soccer moms more years than I have. This is only my son's first year playing the sport. I've heard all the crap associated with the title "Soccer Mom"

And yeah, since this season began I have gone from sunburn hot to chattering teeth cold, I have sat through a game in the rain and wind, helped only by the generosity of someone with an extra umbrella. I've struggled with the timing of practice being RIGHT AT DINNERTIME.

But I'm also loving it. Here's why.

1. AJ loves it. Coach just had to end practices because it's getting too dark and most of the other parents can't get their kids there any earlier. AJ is bummed there's no more practice.

2. What makes my kid happy, makes me happy.

3. Watching your kid learning new things is a huge source of parental pride. I swear in the just these few months of soccer AJ has matured.

4. The way my husband enjoys it. Mark is one proud dad when AJ is out there playing soccer. He loves cheering him on and encouraging him. Mark is teaching AJ how to be a good sport. And all things considered with Mark.....well, it just fills my heart with joy to see it.

5. Camryn helped out a couple times at practices by playing on the adults side against the kids in a scrimmage. The little boys were all, "don't let the girl get it!" She totally got it. And scored!

6. The coaches we got are great. They're real young guys, but they have plenty of energy to deal with the boys, and they've been playing soccer themselves more than half their lives.

7. So far, we don't really have any personality conflicts with other parents. I mean, there's this ONE mom and her kid.....but that's all. And, that one mom and kid aren't actually on our team, just at the same practices because our head coach is in charge of two teams.

8. I never did things like this as a kid, so I'm kind of living vicariously. What?

9. Knowing my kid is doing something that is healthy and character-building makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

10. AJ is pretty good. He hustles when out on the field, and he's learned a lot about being a goalie. And like I said already, he freaking loves it, so how can I not?

AJ said to me before his last game that when soccer is over he wants to sign up for football. Told him I don't think he can just jump right into football, but man, I may have a little athlete on my hands!

Do your kids play any sports?

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