December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve!

My mom and step-dad are here spending the holiday with us.
We have opted not to cook a big meal this year.
Instead, we are going out to a nice buffet at the local casino tonight.

Then I will let the kids open their new ornaments and PJ's.
We will get cookies ready for Santa.

After the kids go to bed, we will stuff their stockings and stage the Santa gifts.
(I don't wrap them.)

In the morning, my dad will come over to share in gift-opening with us.
Mayhem will ensue.

And then we will watch football, put things away, and probably get some Chinese food.

Other than that, there will be visiting and laughter and movie viewing,
and alcoholic beverages consumed.

Oh, and a cat to help not be too angry that there's a dog in his house.

Our card

Peace, Love & Joy to you!

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