December 29, 2013

Wrap It Up and Put a Bow On It

Alright, ONE MORE end-of-the-year, look-back-at-everything-and-forward-to-new-things post.

Bloggy peer pressure from Lizzi. Blame her!

Shucks. To be fair, she didn't peer pressure me at all. She just wrote responses to these questions and I was all, "Man, now I wanna do it too!"

It's for this:

Joy @ i can say mama: 2013 Wrap up

And it's kinda-sorta like old school blogging style questions and answers.

Let's wrap up 2013 and put a bow on it, shall we?

Gained or lost weight? Lost! But only a little. Slowly but surely for me. I do think I am *thisclose* to a smaller pants size.

Predominant feeling in 2013? Happy.

Predominant feeling for 2014? I'm feeling Eager.

Something you did for the first time in 2013? Tried quinoa.

Something you did again in 2013 after a long pause? Saw an eye doctor and got new glasses.

Something you unfortunately did not do in 2013? Plant strawberries.

Word of the year? Hope.

City of the year? The only city I've been to this year is Seattle. We drove through Portland. Does that count?

Hair longer or shorter? Shorter.

More or less money spent? It's hard to say because our income doesn't change much from year to year. Technically, Mark worked less because of his health, but I earned a little here and there through bloggy things. So, it's a wash?

Hospital stays? Yes. Two short ones for Mark, one for a very high blood sugar last spring and another just last month for a minor heart attack.

(Fallen) In love? With Doctor Who! Got all caught up, watched the 50th anniversary special and the Christmas special - *sniff.....and now I wanna start all over!

Most called person? I talk on the phone the most with my friend Jess and my dad.

Whom did you spend the most beautiful time with? I have to say Mark, because the longer he's here with us, the more I appreciate it.

What did you spend most of your time with? Probably right here with my computer. No judging! I do SO MANY things on my computer/internet. I don't even know how we ever survived without it.

Song of the year? Katy Perry's "Roar", for sure. Second, Sara Bareilles' "Brave".

Book of the year? For me, The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. But, I had to choose that one by default because I haven't yet read Chelsea Cain's Let Me Go. If I had, it might be that.

Movie of the year? Serious: Gravity, Comedy: The Heat.

Insight of the year? That I matter, I am loved and to trust it.

Three things you totally could have done without?
  • Fighting for help from my daughter's school and worrying so much about her grades.
  • Mark's heart attack that scared the HELL out of me, and has thrown him for a loop.
  • My inner child. (But then, some say I should be nicer to her.)
Most beautiful event? Being able to give back a little to a good friend who has done so mch for me.

More short-sighted or more far-sighted than 2013? This is a funny question for me when taken literally. ;-) Figuratively, I am definitely more short-sighted because I choose to live in the moment and try not to think too much about my uncertain future.

The most expensive thing you bought? A used Dodge Durango (for Mark, of course).

The most delicious meal or food you ate? My dad procured, and Mark prepared, a super delicious tuna steak. Also, avocado eggrolls at The Cheesecake Factory!

The best party? I actually hosted an in-home wine tasting with my friends last summer!

The most important thing you wanted to convince somebody of? Myself, that I am, and will be, OK. Mark, that whatever happens, it will be OK. Camryn, to speak up for herself at school.

The most beautiful present you gave to somebody? The blankets I crocheted for my mom and my BFF.

The most beautiful present that somebody gave you? Any. All. Every single thoughtful thing someone gives me I love.

The most beautiful sentence someone said to you? My paternal grandmother, who is apparently not easily impressed, told my dad that she thinks I'm pretty good at blogging.

The most beautiful sentence you said to someone? I love you, unconditionally. To my children.

How will you celebrate New Year's Eve? At home, I'm sure, letting my kids stay up til midnight.

What will you have for dinner? Don't know, but I would like to have something good!

What drinks will be in your glasses to clink? Wine or rum or maybe just tea.

Will you ignite any fireworks? NO. Enough crazies around here for that!

What are you going to wear? Comfy or glamourous? Oh you know me, comfy!

Did you have any resolutions for 2013? And how about 2014? I totally can't remember if I made resolutions for this year. It doesn't appear that I blogged them if I did (if it isn't blogged, it didn't happen!). This year, I listed some things in my last post. Also:

What are your wishes for the new year? I wish for some real snowfall (on a weekend), the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl and health.

In one word, 2013 was... Enlightening.

Now it's your turn. Pick a question or two or all, and tell me what your answer would be!

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