October 22, 2013

Please Stop Being Judgy

I am absolutely sick and bloody tired of everyone passing judgments on others.

It's pissing me off, actually.

Assumptions. Expectations. Preconceived notions. Prejudices. Judgments.

Just stop it.

Find something else to do.

You are no better than me. I am no better than you.

People's personal lifestyle choices have nothing to do with you.

Other's circumstances are not your circumstances.

We can find people who have things in common with us. We can get to know each other, form connections, bond. But at the end of the day, you don't know what it's truly like to live in my skin, and I don't know what it's like to live in yours.

We have different experiences. Different paths to walk. These things shape us. No two lives are the same.

So how, may I ask, can you have the nerve to question someone else?

The mommy wars are bullshit. Nobody really cares which moms work outside the home and which ones don't. And actually, our definitions of "working" need to get broader.

In any case, those sorts of decisions are PERSONAL to each INDIVIDUAL woman and her family. They are none of your business. Just trust that each woman has her reasons for the choices she makes.

How to be a Christian without being a jerk about it
While I'm at it, please for the love of God, stop judging others based on what you believe spiritually. That, my friends, is an even more personal thing than whether you work or not. Religious/spiritual beliefs are just about the most intimate part of us. There are churches, synagogues and temples where we can go for public fellowship with others whose beliefs are similar to ours. Still, they are YOURS and not to be proselytized. I believe that when someone thinks less of you because you don't believe what they do, they are actually doing the direct opposite of what most religions teach.

Hating on the Poor is SO Funny!
It's not your business to wonder at why someone is on food stamps but has an iPhone. It's no concern of yours if your next door neighbor is gay. It shouldn't matter to you if someone is fat or skinny. You should not care if a couple has only one child or six. And you sure as hell shouldn't give a damn if Miley Cyrus wants to twerk onstage with Robin Thicke!

We can think something is a little weird, fishy, off, or "that's not something I would do/choose". But unless it directly affects you or someone you love in some negative way....don't worry about it.

Look, there are simply SO MANY variables to consider in life. And when it's not even YOUR life? When it's someone else's variables? WHO ARE YOU to judge?

So I'm saying, I'm done with it. SO DONE.

In a world where the mentally ill are so poorly helped that they shoot little children at school and a 12 year old girl feels the need to end her own life due to bullying......all I can conclude is that what we need most is a whole lot more LOVE.

I am not talking about crime and terrible, awful things that people do to hurt others (although there are courts of law to judge that). I'm just talking about our personal business and lifestyle choices.

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