December 20, 2013

Year in Review: July, August, September

Blogger Decree

The third quarter of the year -- summer -- shall now be recapped
for the
2013 Review Extravaganza!


Besides December, July is the busiest month of the year for our family.

At the beginning of the month I got to contribute a guest post to the Our Land of Empathy and Wonder series on Finding Ninee. I'm Humbled by it.

Back here, I told you about how we don't travel we were leaving on a road trip. If you read it, you'll understand. Upon our return, I went off about doing all the things, posted a special photo of three generations of Hall men and shared something kind of personal that happened while camping when I was 13.

Not a lot of posts to share due to the busy-ness!


My BFF suggested we do a 30 day crunch challenge, and being highly susceptible to peer pressure, I consented. This actually began a series of fitness challenges I kept doing through the end of the year!

We were given a little boon of hope that I'm now not sure still exists, but it was a good feeling at the time. I gushed about Jon Bon Jovi, flipped the bird to needing approval and was pleasantly surprised that my kids didn't make me crazy over the summer. I made it to 700 posts here and explained why I feel like I'm Mark's everything.


There was my son's second day of 2nd grade and my daughter's eighth day of 8th grade.

I came up with a few social media truths and schooled you on how to properly celebrate the kids going back to school. I asserted that my blog is no one's bitch and announced The View From Here series.

I wondered if I could let my guard down, wrote about how walking is good for me in so many ways, and realized that at the end of the day, no matter what, I am happy.

I have already recapped the first and second quarters of the year. Next week will be the final three months!

Do you remember any of these posts? Are you hearing about any for the first time?

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