August 25, 2017

9 Musings on Grief

1. I fucking hate grief.

2. It adds insult to injury because you're forced to lose someone you love, which rips your heart out and throws it onto the floor.

3. Totally exposed, raw and sensitive.

4. Then you have to deal with all of The Feels that come with that loss and learning to accept it.

5. There are so many Feels!

6. And even after you've reached acceptance, The Feels haunt you forever.

7. Furthermore, the longer you live, the more grief you will have to endure.

8. Because we humans are hard-wired to love; we can't help ourselves.

9. It sucks so hard, but love and grief are a package deal.

*Inspired by the writing prompt: Write a blog post in exactly 9 lines from Kat Bouska.

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