April 5, 2014

Am I a Writer?

When I think about the answer to "am I a writer?", I always think, "naw, I'm just a blogger".

I've never had any great desire to write a book.

I don't have the first clue as to how to write poetry (I have oodles of respect for those who do).

I don't have the next great novel hiding somewhere inside me.

I'm a good proofreader. Ha! Says the blind girl.

(No really, I am. People ask me to proofread stuff for them.)

I am able to provide feedback about what others have written when they ask. Although I don't know how or why I'm able to do this. I'm super chicken to ask for feedback on something I've written.

But then Kim Ulmanis wrote a post that I just read where she said that if you write, you're a writer.


I do write. Right here on this very blog.

And I write a lot.

I care about what I write and I try to do it well. I am constantly Googling grammar queries to make sure I don't sound like an idiot.

I also consult thesaurus.com regularly because I can't stand being redundant.

So if I write and I care about how my writing reads, does that make me a writer?


Thanks Kim, for planting this little seed, and thanks also for introducing me to the Five Minute Friday writing prompt.

Five Minute Friday

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