June 24, 2017

What I've Been Doing Instead of Writing

I have been uncharacteristically quiet since my husband's death a little over a year ago.

This post just might be a figment of your imagination....

So what have I been doing instead of writing?

Honestly, binge-watching ALL THE SHOWS, and some grief nesting.

"Grief nesting", as I call it, began the very night Mark passed away when I came home from the hospital, took one look at his glucometer and meds, and threw them all in the trash.

Over the following weeks and months, I went through all of his personal belongs and other medical supplies. I gave away most everything. I found new places for things we were keeping and filled a "Mark keepsakes" box.

I set about making the house ours, without many of the accommodations Mark needed, and I slowly transformed our bedroom into my bedroom. Family and friends pitched in with some needed repairs and improvements.

But the binge-watching....seriously, you guys, it became my grief therapy. Not only has it allowed me to escape like all entertainment does, but it also cheers me up when I need it, and helps me cry, often when I don't even know I need to.

I finished -- or got caught up on -- shows I hadn't had the time or opportunity to before Mark died, such as True Blood, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Doctor Who. I rewatched the entire 10 years of Friends with my kids. I have subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, so I've been bouncing around between the three watching season after season of any show that caught my interest or I heard good things about.

I am a HUGE fan of historical fiction so I'm surprised the one thing I haven't watched is The Tudors for what would be the fourth time. But I did watch Marco Polo, Vikings, The Crown, Victoria, Call the Midwife, Good Girls Revolt (which I'm very sad is canceled) and some of Rome, but I'm not super into it. I'm currently watching Mr. Selfridge.

I had a blanket to crochet and I really wanted to try an actual pattern, so I decided it was time to listen to a book instead of watching something (so as to better pay attention to my crocheting). I chose Outlander.....and then I watched the series.

I got into a murdery phase watching The Fall, The Killing, Broadchurch and River, With my son I've seen all four of Netflix's Marvel shows. I also watched Stanger Things with my kids and we're all big fans of Supernatural.

No, I haven't gotten out much. But I'm also not spending all day watching TV. Promise. I can't. It's actually a hang-up I have. All I ever watch during the day is the previous night's episode of The Daily Show while I eat lunch.

Some might think this sounds like burying one's head in the sand. I don't see it that way. Like I said previously, this has been my form of therapy for the past year. Stories. Immersing myself in examples of other life stories makes me feel things. Lots of things.

I do want to to get back into blogging, though, so when I saw the Finish the Sentence Friday prompt "When I Can't Write...", I figured it was the perfect opportunity to confess my bingey behavior.

What have you been binging on lately?

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