January 25, 2018

Falling in Love Again

A very surprising thing happened to me three months ago; I fell in love again.

I know, right!?

I say "again" because it is comparable to what I had with my late husband. If it wasn't, I wouldn't say again. Because the time, love and commitment that Mark and I shared set the bar high for me.

It's surprising because, although I was actively dating, I wasn't meeting men who were love and relationship material. Also, I sincerely didn't expect to find what many widows call their "chapter two".

But I think I have.

"After only three months, Jen?", you're probably thinking.


Here's the deal: I know a good thing when I see it. I know how it feels to love and be loved well. I'm in my 40s, have been through some stuff (obviously) and know what I want.

This Sweet Man (what I call him) fits the bill for me. Like, so much!

After everything I went through with Mark, I didn't think I'd want or be ready for another committed relationship for a long time. There was no denying the energy and subsequent connection between me and Sweet Man*, however.

We are SO into each other. You'd probably think it's disgusting.

We have a connection, a rapport,  chemistry and a ton in common, and anything we don't have in common is minor. Becoming involved in each other's lives has been effortless. We're just very compatible.


For the past several years I have chosen a word for the new year versus resolutions. I always know what my word will be by sometime in December, and this year was no exception. There was no other word it could be than LOVE.

I'm full of it, I know! Full of LOVE, that is. *snort

Seriously, though. That's what I do: I love. I have a strong mind, but I am ultimately ruled by my heart.

So why not go for it? Don't be afraid. Just jump in and LOVE.

It's the way I'm wired. Apparently.


The most fantastic thing about loving Sweet Man is that it's 100% reciprocated. I am so grateful to have someone who CARES about ME in my everyday life.

We are both grateful. We're in love and happy and we're not screwing around.

Life is too short to not just grab onto the good things that come your way and ENJOY them!

*Not referring to him by his name here because he tends to be more guarded about sharing the details of his life on the Internet, and I respect that.

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