April 16, 2015

41 Things I've Learned in 41 Years

Today is my 41st birthday.

I didn't !! that sentence because, meh. Forty-one just isn't sexy.

Although, I have a friend who thinks it's the bee's knees. She's not here yet and is hoping to have life a lot more figured out by 41.

I told her I think maybe I have it at least half figured out. Also, that some of us are late bloomers. I say that because I think I should have learned more by now. Slowly but surely...

You wanna know what I've learned in my 41 years? Here ya go!

41 Life Lessons

1. Be open to the possibilities.

2. Always shave your legs before doctor's appointments and massages.

3. Oh, and trim up the downtown for THAT particular exam.

4. This too shall pass. Really.

5. Non-fat dairy is wrong.

6. Be spontaneous.

7. Don't be judgy.

8. Dr. Seuss was a genius.

9. For example:

10. And:

11. One more:

12. Soul mates come in various forms.

13. Don't eat Twizzlers.

14. Take time to watch clouds and sunsets.

15. You will drop at least one ice cube when getting ice from the freezer. Every. Single. Time.

16. Things rarely go according to plan.

17. "Life limps along at subsonic speeds."

18. Think before you speak.

19. Having children both fills your heart, and breaks it at the same time.

20. Stick anything in a tortilla, call it a burrito, and it becomes AH-MAY-ZING!

21. A lot of people are straight-up assholes and it's very disappointing.

22. The Serenity Prayer isn't only for 12 step programs.

23. Laughing with your friends till your face and belly ache is some of the best therapy.

24. Romantic gestures are nice, but the little every day things your significant other does just because they make you happy mean so much more.

25. Trust your gut.

26. You can feel completely different about a movie the second time you see it than you did the first.

27. Never let anyone make you feel less than.

28. There is not enough time for all the Facebook game invites. Block 'em!

29. Let go of pride. Admit mistakes. Sincerely apologize.

30. A mani/pedi goes a long way toward making you feel pretty.

31. Put your mobile device away when you're face to face with someone.

32. Don't take things personally right outta the gate. It's usually not about you.

33. Spending time alone is a good thing.

34. Kids really do grow up way too fast.

35. Be grateful. For everything.

36. Don't try to do it all. Ask for, and graciously receive, help.

37. Drink water and get enough sleep.

38. Breakfast is better had at any other time than breakfast time.

39. Love with all your heart.

40. Music never fails to lift your mood or get you moving.

41. Life is a journey.

OK, so now I'm off to attempt to be a lazy sloth surfing Hulu and Netflix and only eating chips and cookies all day!

Anything NOT on my list that you've learned?

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