January 22, 2015

And My Heart Melted

Yesterday was my son AJ's 9th birthday.

Altogether now: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AJ!

This kid, man. He has been such a good guy these past months. Before Christmas I teased that he must be trying to get to the tippy-top of Santa's Nice List.

One day during Christmas break, he was spending most of his time hanging out with his friend who lives right next door to us. He was even planning to spend the night there.

His sister was also at a friend's house when my MIL and I decided to run to the store for a few things. This left my husband home alone.

Mark was in his spot on the couch and had everything he needed to tide him over while we ran out. But when AJ came back over to our house for something and discovered his dad all alone, he called me.

AJ: Mom, where are you and when are you gonna be home?

Me: (Sigh) I'm just at the grocery store....I dunno, will probably be back in less than a half hour. Why? Is something wrong?

AJ: Well, no. It's just that Dad is here by himself and I'm going back next door to spend the night and I didn't think he should be alone cuz what if he needs something, or something.

And then instead of feeling annoyed by the phone call, my heart melted.

Me: Oh, honey, it's OK. I mean, is Dad OK? Does he need something?

AJ: No, he's fine.

Me: OK then. I promise, it's OK if he's alone sometimes. He has his phone and his chair....and I'm really not gonna be much longer anyway. OK?

AJ: Alright. Bye, I love you!

Me: I love you too. Have fun!

I couldn't believe how concerned he was about this and I thought it was just the sweetest thing.

He ended up checking in again a little while after I got home. He saw me and said, "OK, you're home. Good.", and gave me and Mark quick hugs before returning to his friend's.

This kid.

This post was inspired by the prompt, "The last time my heart melted was because…" from Mama Kat.

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