January 17, 2014

Lost To Me

My babies are lost to me.

I only got to have two, and now they're no more.

My daughter is 13 and my son is about to turn 8. They are big kids.

There is nothing "baby" about them.

I miss my babies.

It's not that who they are now isn't great. It is. They are.

They are healthy and beautiful and bright and funny. They are challenging, obstinate and obnoxious.

Typical kids.

Their baby selves were soft, sweet, cuddly. They fit perfectly in the crook of my arm to nurse and nestled their sleepy little heads just below my shoulder. I could feel their breaths on my neck.

So warm.

Camryn Rose
Alexander Jared

I miss my babies.

Because, save for pictures, they are lost to me now.

I want to never forget.

*I have been feeling more and more wistful like this as AJ's birthday approaches. Prodded to express it by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt #2: Write a post inspired by the word 'lost'.

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