April 14, 2015

How Others See Me

Looking for reasons to blog and topics for blogging, as I am wont to do these days because I have been having a hard time with that, I noticed a prompt to simply list 10 random facts/things about myself.

Well, I have done this several times before, so I was like,sigh...I'd probably just repeat myself.

Also, one of the reasons I'm having such a hard time with blogging is my brain doesn't seem to be able to form its own thoughts.

I have started and stopped a few blog posts lately because I simply lost what I thought I wanted to say.

Poof! Gone.

I believe that writing helps keep my brain cells firing. I'm only turning 41 this week, and I haven't had a stroke. I blame my life.

So I outsourced! I texted and messaged my nearest and dearest to see what they think of me; how they describe me to others (if they have occasion to), and what quirks or particular traits they have noticed I have.

Everyone was pretty flattering, and I don't mean to sound like I'm tooting my own horn here. I actually considered not going through with sharing what my friends and family said....

the thing is, it's very good to know these things. It's affirming to me, and the kind of person I'm trying to be, and I don't think I shouldn't diminish it.

10 Ways My Friends and Family Describe Me

1. My best friend from high school and another friend of mine both mentioned they tell people I'm legally blind, but only to illustrate that I am who I am, and do what I do, despite it.

2. Several people pointed out how loving and devoted I am to my family AND friends. My MIL described me as "fiercely loyal", and my BFF called me a "super spouse".

My bestie Jess said: No matter how crazy her life, or how busy she is, I know if I need her, she is there! Sometimes even if I don't know I need her or think I'm fine she's there for me. AND she's there for me when I DON'T need her, just because she loves me, to say hi or see how I am.

3. Several responses also touched on my sense of humor. Three people used the word "witty" and my MIL said "delightful". My BFF thinks I'm "quick with a quip", but I think that's only because our relationship is long-distance, so I always have time to think of quip-y things to say back via email, text or Facebook.

4. Most said they think I'm intelligent (smart and bright), despite not completing college.

MIL said: You have a command of language and ideas that far exceed your formal education.

My mom and friend Roxy pointed out my desire to be grammatically correct.

And my BFF said: I find you to be intelligent, and although you are a homebody, you seem to be worldly.

5. Along those lines, my mother complimented my writing, saying: You're able to articulate what a lot of us feel, but can't seem to put into words.

Thanks Mom, truly, but I haven't felt particularly articulate for months!

6. My friends Roxy and Cresta said I am strong, without being hard.

7. Multiple friends think I am brave (without being cocky). Other words used are selfless, empathetic/compassionate, caring, ethical, deep, complex and comfortable.

8. My Uncle said something really cool: Your viewpoint is about a quarter of a degree off kilter of the crowd. Which means you are fresh.

9. My MIL has noticed that sometimes I could be more direct and assertive. And that it can be hard for me to hold people accountable for their choices and their behavior. In other words, my desire to give the benefit of the doubt and plenty of chances.

My BFF sees that I sigh and drop my shoulders when a bit fed up.

10. My bestie Jess said: You grow every single day towards being a better you. And she thinks my interest in historical fiction is cool.

Also, people think my desire to stir things well is very quirky. Maybe even annoying. I totally don't see what the problem is!

Have you ever asked others to describe you? Were you surprised by anything they said?

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