April 1, 2013

April #Birthaversary Extravaganza!

It's April 1 and time to start this party right!

My birthday is on the 16th (39) and my blogiversary is on the 30th (3 years).

Not to mention that April is just an awesome month.

Spring is in full swing....
the flowers are blooming and birds are chirping.
It's warming up!

So let's celebrate, shall we?

If you are a blogger, please delve into your archives and pick out a post you published in April of any year you've been blogging. One you really like for whatever reason.
And link it up with this post.
(In the event that you've been blogging for less than a year, just pick one of your best so far.)

I shall read, comment and tweet.
(You can too. If you do, use the #Birthaversary hashtag.)

At the end of the month, on the 30th, I will publish a post of my favorites.
(I don't know how many yet; kind of depends on how many are linked up.)

Here are a few of my April posts:

Nope. If you want to see my very first post, you'll have to go digging for it!

Diabetes is Dumb


Now it's your turn!
Link 'em below...

If you have any questions, feel free to leave 'em in the comments,
tweet me or say Hi on Facebook!

Cordially inviting the Yeah Writers to this party via the Weekend Moonshine Grid #103!

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