June 30, 2013

10 Things Summer

We have been living in Washington for 10 years now. In that time, there have only been a few Independence Days that were hot. It is a general assumption around these parts that summer doesn't officially begin until July 5.

This year? Summer is most definitely here! Like, 84 degrees here.

I love sunshine and warmth. Not so much HOT-th. Yes, I just made up a word.

But it's fine. Just gives me an excuse to try a banana daiquiri!

1. Like this - Yum!
Frozen Banana Daiquiri recipe
2. Flip flops

3. Sitting outside

4. Grapes

5. Lemonade stands

6. Produce stands

7. Big salads made from veggies bought at produce stands

8. An overheated kitty

9. Grilling

10. Cool sun shots

I guess I have been Instagramming All. The. Things. of summer. Why not?

We still have the 4th of July, a trip to Oregon, my daughter's birthday, our wedding anniversary....and August to go!

I've just got to leave you with the inimitable Will Smith, aka The Fresh Prince....

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