April 16, 2013

Drawing a Line at 39

I am beginning the final year of my 30s and I am drawing a line in the proverbial sand.

I often characterize my daughter as "slowly but surely". I'm beginning to think the same of myself.

Because I think I should be past many of the "issues" I have by now. Certainly by the time I turn 40 next year.

But then again, I am who I am, shaped by my experiences, and I am where I am, regardless of any self-imposed (or someone else's) timeline.

Who gets to define where I am in my life at what age?

There's a song I love by Sara Bareilles. Perhaps you've heard it. A lyric in the chorus goes, "Who died and made you king of anything?".

And there lies the rub. I don't have to apologize for anything about myself. But I do have some things I would like to be different by my next birthday.

I am sick and goddamn tired of feeling like I need someone else's approval in order to feel good about myself!

That's the biggest thing.

I want to stop doubting that people love me and want to be in my life, warts and all.

It seems that being different than others, and having had a few "fair weather friends", makes you wary. You think, "it would be much easier to have someone 'normal' for a friend. Why do they stick with me?"

Doesn't matter why. Trust it.


I am going to keep working on healing my wounded inner child. And then let it go.

Over the next year I am going to keep working on making myself healthier, mentally and physically, so that by the time I turn 40, I can be proud of it.

And all the big, scary things there are to face?

I am resolved to being confident in the courage I am somehow always able to draw on. It's like, down in my gut. I feel it there. Like armor.

I can do this.

I feel so sure of these things I've written just now. But I must admit, there is still this tiny little voice saying, "I can do this......I hope." But HOPE is my word for this year, so.....there we are.

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