September 11, 2013

Social Media Truths

Something that has been driving me a bit bonkers lately is why do I have WAY more Twitter followers than I do Facebook page likes? I mean, what is the difference? Why do people follow me on Twitter more than like my fan page on Facebook?

(It's not that I'm obsessing about the numbers, it's just that asking why is sort of my thing.)

Granted, I started using Twitter before I created a Facebook page. But not THAT long before.

Trying to figure this phenomenon out, I then got to thinking about how people maybe view and feel about their social media platforms.

Because I find it all very fascinating. (Remember my Social Media Rights?)

I think....

LinkedIn is like why not? Couldn't hurt.

Twitter is like whatevs, stream goes by so fast, if I see something I don't really like, it'll be gone from view in a sec.

Google+ is like sure I'll circle you, it's not as if I'm ever on there anyways.

But's like PERSONAL so if I like your page it's as if I'm making a commitment!

Here's an image to prove it. Because an Internet graphic is like God handing down the 10 commandments.

And that's what Pinterest is for!

Agree? Disagree? Would you add or change anything?

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