July 2, 2013

Our Land of Empathy and Wonder

Once upon a time, on April 11, Kristi Campbell wrote a blog post she titled

And it was good.

It was so good, and so well-received, that her bloggy peers encouraged her to start
a series of guest posts in which other bloggers could express
what they would like to see in "Our Land".

I am beyond honored to be the contributor this week
for the Our Land series on Finding Ninee!

Please click HERE to go there to read the post I wrote, in which I assert:

It is my belief that a Land of Empathy and Wonder need not be just some romantic dream.
I believe it can be real.

Seriously. Please do. And maybe check out some of the other posts in the series too.
Because it is really something special.

Yes, I'm asking you to please click from here to another blog to read the actual post I wanted to link up with the Moonshiners. I would have asked Kristi if she'd be willing to add the badge to the post on her site, but I know she's out of town for the weekend. Really hope you don't mind the extra click!

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