November 5, 2011

Sir Julius the Orange

Almost a year ago I became the proud adoptive parent of a large-and-in-charge orange tabby cat.  He is big and loud.  Mouthy, really.  He pretty much demanded I become his new Mom.

Why I needed another loud and mouthy presence in my life I do not know, (ahem) Mark (ahem)!

This called for an uber special name.  After not a lot of deliberation I decided to call him Julius, both for his orangeness and his regal-ness.  Then my friend Jessica came up with my cat's official Title:

Sir Julius the Orange from the Land of Purr
Captain of the Army of Snuggles
Speaker of the House of Meww

Since the day after I brought him home I have been wanting to share Julius' "morning report" with you all, but every time I try to take a little video of him meowing his fat little ass off, he clams up.

That's a cat for ya.

So you're just going to have to take my word for it, he meows and meows at me EVERY morning from the second I descend the last step from my bedroom.

"Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!"

I imagine it's translatable to something like...

"Mom!  Hi mom.  OMG you're up!  Good morning!  Wow, all night I waited and waited for you to emerge.  Well, I slept too, but really only because you weren't here, I swear.  And wow, I really need fresh water.  Oh and I'd LOVE to play with your yarn and if you'd hold me up high on your shoulder like a human baby I'd be so happy and oh don't forget to scratch my face. Oh oh, yes, that's it, that's the spot.  If I could tell you what the kids were doing before you got up they'd be in so much trouble.  Oh mom, I'm so happy you're up! ....But I'd be fine if you weren't."

The day I brought him home.

You get a gold star if you can tell me what movie this line is from.

And that, my friends, is a day in the life of my cat.  Don't you just want to to pet and scratch and squish him?  No?  Just me?  Well OK, but I promise if you ever visit, he'll make you love him!


  1. Those pictures made me laugh hard, cats are great! (I think they are almost worse than husbands)

  2. Ok, as I said on Twitter...Ice Age!! Except I know the line is older than that because these photos have reminded me that I, too, had a cat once who wasn't fat but poofy. When I was a kid. And I'm, ahem, slightly older than Ice Age. The movie!! I'm older than the movie. And i always said that about my cat. Actually I said she's not fat, she's FLUFFY. So either that line in some form existed prior to Manny and Sid, or the makers of Ice Age totally stole it from me.

    Either way, great post. :) I'm a dog person, myself. I did have that childhood cat but I never quite recovered from litter box duty enough to want another.

  3. That cat is eNORmous! I am so sad that we can never have cats because my husband is allergic. I would so love to have that big ball of fur to cuddle with. Like the pics :)

  4. Hi! I landed here from NaBloPoMo on Blogher. Love the name. And wow, what a big cat. Pretty sure he could eat my dog for breakfast.

  5. Meow! Give Julius a special scratch and kiss from me and tell him I miss him.

    I, too, miss having cats...really really love cuddly and playing... had one (orange tabby, too), named Rose, for 18 years. But after that, tried to have a few others... but the coyotes are too numerous and they don't last long :( Even dogs and small children need to be leashed!!

  6. I LOVE his dialogue! Poofy and Possessive. :)

  7. I will be your frequent visitor, that's for sure.

  8. So fluffy and cute! Nice to know you're one crazy cat lady too. Like me! :)