November 7, 2011

High School Me

This week's Listicle topic makes me cringe a little.  But I'm not backing away.  I will face a look back at my high school years with courage!

But first, I must announce that today is Mark's birthday!  Everyone think nice Happy Birthday thoughts for him!  You can leave Happy Birthday wishes for him too if you want.  I will definitely share them with him.

My list of 10 Things High School

1. I attended high school from 1988-1992.

2. I went to South Tahoe High in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

3. Our school mascot is a Viking and our colors are blue and gold.

4. I assume there will be a 20 year reunion sometime next year.  I didn't go to the 10 year reunion because a) I don't think 10 years is enough time; think we still don't know who we are at 28, and b) it was held over Labor Day weekend and holiday weekends in Lake Tahoe are ridiculous!

5. I played flute in the band my freshman year (I played from 5th - 9th grades), went on a band field trip to the University of the Pacifc (UOP) and took a few sips of vodka in a NY Seltzer bottle (anyone remember that stuff?).  Someone told on me and the other kids with the alcohol and we all got suspended.  That's the worst school punishment I ever received.

6. In the fall of my sophomore year my youngest cousin on my mom's side, Tayah, was born, and I got to be there for it.

By this time I had lost sight in my left eye.

7.  My birthday is in April, which is often when spring break is. The year I turned Sweet 16, I got a trip to Southern California!

8. My friends were Jen, Lisa, Derek, Tonya, Cheri, Nick, Emily, Dart, etc...  I don't feel like I was in any particular social clique; I was just kinda there.  My boyfriends were Jeff, Shenja, Jeff again, Jay, Joe, Dana (yes a guy), Aaron (who worked for Baskin Robbins and told me he wanted to be President).  Lost my virginity to Shenja (jerk) and got pregnant by Joe (misogynist).  Went to the prom with friend Derek, who realized he's gay sometime after high school.  He was a great prom date, though!

9. We rocked out to Madonna, Michael & Jannet Jackson, George Michael, INXS, Guns 'n Roses, New Kids on the Block, The B52s, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi, MC Hammer, Poison, R.E.M., Paula Abdul, U2, EMF, En Vogue and Right Said Fred (here's this one on YouTube - hilarious!).

Danced my butt off to this song at my prom!

10. I graduated on June 15, 1992.  It was snowing.  In June.  My mom, step-dad, dad, Grama, aunt and cousin were in attendance.  We went out to a fancy dinner after where I was given the key to my mom's old Mercury Capri (handed down through other family members).  I practiced driving it a little, but never did get my license because of my dang eyes.  Still pretty cool that my parents gave me a car!

Me in my gold graduation gown.



    Second, I totally played the flute in high school as well.

    Third, I didn't realize that you got pregnant in highschool. Man, that must have been scary.

  2. Made me almost nostalgic, almost. I will wish Mark a Happy B-day on FB, cuz we're friends and stuff.

  3. Love that music! And I can't imagine snow in June. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your honesty. Because sharing the good with the bad is what turns our experiences into a lesson for our kids. Which I think should be: we are all human, good or bad, and in years time everything has a different perspective. I loved that EMF song! Very you!!

  5. Funny my psuedo prom date one of my BF's ended up coming out after high school too!
    Sounds like your high school experience was quite the ride!

  6. Happy B-day Mark! Snow in June?? That's no fun! I adore the music from 80's into early 90's! I love love love me some Poison too! That's my workout music. It fires me up! Oh, and I'm totally with you on the reunion stuff. I didn't go to my 10 yr either.

  7. I did go to my 10 year reunion and it was actually fun. But I think I'll skip the 20 year one. I already keep in touch with the people I want to be in touch with!

  8. Oh the GOLD! I had gold too... does anyone look good in it?! Seems unfair, don't you think!

  9. I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! on here too. Also I too played the flute from 5th - 9th grade. The more we learn about each other the more it seems we have in common!

  10. A trip to So Cal for your 16th birthday sounds fun.

  11. Jen, I played lead flute for my school's band! We went on a trip to NY with the music class - did a little drinking ourselves (I remember being on 'the guys' floor' where they stacked beer cans in the doorway as they drank them until no one could get into the room. Somehow we got away with it though. I don't think we stayed there long. Crazy memories!

    Great song list! And a happy belated birthday to Mark!

  12. I like how you're honest about the good and bad of high school. You have a gorgeous, sparkly smile in that pic!