May 14, 2011

My First Published Knitting Pattern!

Knitting has become a big part of my life, and as I continue to make and learn things I'm finding that I just might be able to impart some of my own little bits of design ideas here and there.

This first one isn't all my idea.  I first tried this pattern but discovered a few things I wanted to change about it, hence my pattern for a Button-top Ribbed Hand Towel:

I used:
2 balls Lily Sugar'n Cream cotton, color "temari balls"
*I did not use all of 2 balls and you can choose any color(s)
Size 7 needles
yarn needle


Body of towel:
~ CO 60 stitches
*I slipped the first stitch of every row (until I got to the strap at the top) just like the original pattern I tried.
~ Knit across 3 rows to create a bottom edge and to help maintain some of the width.
~ Row 4: sl 1, *K3, P2, repeat from * to last 4, K4
~ Row 5: sl 1, *P3, K2, repeat from * to last 4, P4
~ Repeat rows 4 & 5 until your piece measures 12 inches.

~ Row 1: sl 1, *K2tog, K1, rpt from * to end of row (40 sts remain)
~ Row 2: sl 1, Knit across
~ Row 3: sl 1, *K2tog, K1, rpt from * to end of row (27 sts remain)
~ Row 4: sl 1, Knit across
~ Row 5: sl 1, *K2tog, K1, rpt from * to end of row (18 sts remain)
~ Row 6: sl 1, Knit across
~ Row 7: sl 1, *K2tog, K1, rpt from * to end of row (12 sts remain)
~ Row 8: sl 1, Knit across
~ Row 9: sl 1, K2tog, K3, K2tog, K2, K2tog (9 sts remain)

~ Knit across 22 rows
~ Buttonhole: K4, yo, K2tog, K3
~Knit across 5 rows
~ BO

Weave in yarn ends.  Attach button on the front of the towel under the strap.  Done!

I made this towel for my kids' bathroom.  I liked the idea of having an attached towel that my son couldn't easily take down and throw on the floor!

And, I plan on making more......

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  1. Very cute, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. I love Sugar and Cream cotton and will plan to make this.

  2. Thank you so much for joining in the Make Yourself Monday Blog Hop!! :o)

    I am just learning how to crochet and knitting is next on my list! Thanks for this great post!! :o)

  3. Very pretty. I have started one and can't wait to see how it turns out when I am finished with it :) Thanks for sharing your pattern with the rest of us! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this pattern! What does "slipping a stitch" mean? Does "knit across" just mean knit the row? And is the strap made separately and then sewn on? I hope that Bernat cotton yarn would work ok...

    1. Slipping a stitch means simply move a stitch from the left needle to the right without knitting it. Yes, "knit across" means the whole row. Strap is not made separately. You do a series of decreases until you have 9 stitches left and make the strap in garter stitch.