May 25, 2012

TGIF: The Spider and the Cheeto

Holla for....

Today I would like to share a funny story. Because I have kids who make me laugh often and I don't think I share enough of the funny shit they do. Their funny makes me HAPPY!

My kids like to have a little bedtime snack.

What? Don't look at me! It's their father's fault.


So this one night last week Camryn came down in her PJs to look for something to eat. AJ followed after a few seconds.

Cami was looking in this big bowl we have on the counter where we keep snack type stuff.

She turned around when AJ appeared, and proceeded to freak out.

She hopped up onto the counter, screaming and pointing at a spider on the floor.

AJ: "Where, where?"

Cami: whining and pointing

AJ: "Oh I see it!"

Cami: "Kill it!"

Me: "Yeah, kill it, AJ."

AJ grabs Mark's stainless steel Contigotravel cup and tries to smash the spider with it.

AJ (as he's smashing): "Aah!"

He missed.

He tries again, screaming like before.

Me (laughing): "OK, I don't think the cup is gonna work."

AJ: "Oh ok, I know......"

He runs off to get a shoe.

Meanwhile, the spider is fleeing across the floor.....towards Camryn, who is squealing in terror.

AJ (shoe in hand, smashing): "Aahh!"

Still he misses.

Me: "Give it to me!"

I take the shoe, locate the spider and SLAM!

AJ: "Aahh!"

Cami: some high-pitched sound

I press down for good measure.

AJ grabs the shoe and turns it over to inspect the bottom.

Both kids feign disgust: "Eww!"

Me: "AJ, go put the shoe away, please."

I go over to where Camryn continues to perch on the counter top, whimpering.

Me: "Sweetie, it's OK. The spider is dead. It's gone. It wasn't even very big."

Cami: pitiful whining sound

AJ returns, looking around. I suspect canvassing the area for more offenders.

Me: "OK Cami, hop down. You're fine."

She does, and scampers out of the kitchen, hopping over a wayward Cheeto as she goes.

AJ: "What, are you afraid of Cheetos now?"

At that I could no longer contain my amusement.

Me (cracking up): "AJ!"

Camryn is utterly DONE now and lashes out at us: "Don't laugh at me! It's not funny!"

Me (still laughing): "Oh honey, I'm not laughing at YOU, I'm laughing at AJ...what he said was just funny."

But she's not having it: "STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!"

As she runs/stomps up the stairs.

AJ and I just look at each other, still giggling.

It's so hard to be a pre-teen.

What are you HAPPY about right now?
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  1. That girl jumping up on the counter, pointing and screaming in terror of the spider - yep, that's me in our house, haha! Once you're in that state of fear, anything small on the floor is scary but my husband and son laugh at me just the same :) Hope you have a great weekend Jen!

  2. my kids would have fought over that floored Cheeto. geesh - you'd think I never made them a meal.
    I love little interactions like this though...gets you through the less than funny days.

  3. Spiders kind of freak me out too.
    I'm so happy it is Friday!

    1. Oh they freak me out too, but I put on a brave face for my kids.

  4. Hi Jennifer, you've been tagged on my blog to do the 11 Things Meme! Come check it out! :)

  5. Your kids are hilarious. I'd be terrified if I ran across a fake cheese processed thing that looks like an orange turd too! LOL.

    I got grossed out by what looked like a dead cockroach or waterbug in my apartment the other day. My husband picked it up with his bare hands and tossed it out over the balcony. Being the girl I am I said, "Umm, eww. You're gross. Go wash your hands before you even THINK of touching me."

    He just rolled his eyes, shot me a dirty look, and did proceed to go wash them. I was just trying to get my mind on something not related to gross creepy crawlies.

    1. It is not unreasonable to request that he wash his hands!

  6. Hilarious!! I stand on counters for cockroaches. Ewww.

    1. I thank the good Lord that I have never encountered a cockroach!

    2. Wha??? How is that possible? I swear we have them living in our walls.

  7. Oh to be a fly on the wall that day! Your house sounds like fun!

  8. Hee hee! At least the spider wasn't IN the cheetos! Oh the horror! Also? I really want a cheeto now.

  9. Don't move to NEw Mexico. No amount of spraying stops the spiders. And Happy SITS day!!

  10. I can relate. I am terrified of spiders, too. :) Happy SITS Day!

  11. So funny. Hope she was able to come back and enjoy her snack after all settled down!

    Happy SITS Day!

  12. I am with your daughter on this one! I hate spiders! Lately I have had to be the one to kill them though because they always seem to appear when my husband is gone and I have to kill them to "protect" my kids, haha!
    Happy SITS day!

  13. Hahaha! I'm loving this post! It's only Wednesday, but I'm getting my happy on at the lake for our last week of summer! Happy SITS day!

  14. We aren't allowed to kill spiders. My mother said so. And my daughter believed it. So last week, she was in school (her school runs a camp in the summer) and there was a spider in the classroom. The teacher was all set to kill it, and up screaming comes Caroline. She saved the 'dear little thing' in a cup and told the teacher in a tone of utmost offense, "He's a GOOD bug!"

  15. Great moment. Spiders need to stay outside. They don't pay the mortgage. My husband hates that I leave the bodies on the walls. I tell him it's to warn the others. I'm liking AJ. Enjoy your SITS Day.

  16. Aww... I remember those days, being sensitive and embarrassed about everything, snapping at everyone. Nice post, thanks for sharing!! Happy SITS day!!

  17. Sounds like a funny scene. Kids are always good for a laugh!

  18. Stopping by from SITS today. I feel for your girl. I appear to be a completely normal person until a spider comes on the scene!

  19. If my husband isn't home, my daughter is usually the one to kill the spiders. My son hates doing it (even though he's a tough 15-year old). I can do it, but usually don't. If they aren't close to where I'm sitting and I don't think they're going to crawl over my head and fall on me, I usually just ignore them. And, yes, that makes everyone in my house crazy -- You let it live?!

    I'm glad everything worked out okay. I guess that means more Cheetos for the rest of you.

  20. Kids are so funny! THat is one of the things they forget to tell you about parenting, how much you will laugh!

  21. Love that you documented the little things that really make up such a big part of our lives!

  22. This is such a great story! Such a fun story to come back to and read in a few years with your kids. Happy SITS Day!