January 7, 2015

5 Best Instagrams of December

Here is the final monthly installment of my most liked Instagram pictures!

I did this all year in 2014 (except for ONE month).

So even though it's a new year, I still have to wrap it up with....

Instagram Hearts: December

2014 (obviously).

These are the pictures you guys liked the best last month!

Camryn & AJ decorating our skinny, little tree.
(Yes, AJ was actually participating,
he just chose that moment to look bored.)

My big, fat cat trying to squeeze himself
under our skinny, little tree.

It's a kitty in a box!

This was the Santa scene.

And this....this is the AMAZING Dr. Who TARDIS pillow
my mom MADE me for Christmas!!

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Caption one of the photos of my cat!

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