January 12, 2013

Weekend Why

I am one to ask, "Why?"

I always want to know Why this, that or the other thing.

So I think from now on when I have a Why question I am going to pose it here. Maybe someone will actually have an answer!

My first question is this:

Why is it that I can so easily fall asleep on my couch,
I mean like even when I really don't want to,
but when I go to bed, it can take a long time to fall asleep?


1 comment:

  1. I have no good answer for you. When my head hits the pillow I am out! At least until one or all of my children wake up... maybe you should try that. Get up every night at about 3 am for 10 mins. It should cure you within a week. :-) or maybe when u take a nap on the couch u are getting too much sleep???