January 11, 2013

Guest Post: Raising Humans

Last Friday I tweeted....

....because AJ's school serves pizza for lunch every Friday and he always looks forward to it.

Apparently mine isn't the only kid who loves pizza (go figure), and it inspired Tricia of Raising Humans to write a post for me about her daughter's love of the cheesy, round food.

Traditions on a Whim

She rolls over.  Her hair sticks up in a dozen different directions. Her eyes squint in the early morning light struggling to pour through her blinds.

"Is it Friday?"

I smile as I smooth her hair.

"No, love. It's Monday."

This scene plays out nearly every morning.

And after I've broken the news, she moves right along. Happily getting ready for school. Going about her weekday morning routine.

It's not that she feels the grind just yet. It's not that she dislikes school (she loves it) or counts the minutes until the weekend (she doesn't).

It's that Fridays are something special. Friday leads to Friday night. And Friday night is pizza night.

We didn't do this one intentionally. It started one week on a whim. Back in the early days of family dinners. In the early days of thinking, for the first time, about what would go on the table. Planning meals and making food each night because now she was eating with us. Suddenly, picking up sandwiches from Subway on the way home wasn't going to cut it. My girl needed warm food and a table with place mats.

But by Friday… well we were out of ideas. We couldn't think of one more meal. So I ordered a pizza and we snuggled on the couch for extra stories.

That very night, Friday night-pizza night was born.

And two years later, it's still going strong.

Now that she is in school, Fridays are only getting better. Friday is school spirit day. It's music class and dance class day. There is a certain energy at preschool on a Friday that you don't find on any other day.

But when you ask her what happens on Friday, the answer is always the same. Pizza.


Well, now I'm hungry! My favorite kind of pizza is Hawaiian. Has been since I was a kid. But I love all sorts really. Even "weird" ones like BBQ chicken or taco.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

(I will have one more guest post for you on Monday!)

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