November 26, 2012


10 Reasons NaBloPoMo is Pissing Me Off*

1. For me, it's making me post things that I'm not completely satisfied with, just because I have to post something.

2. That's not supposed to be the point, but I just can't put as much effort into 30 posts in 30 days as I otherwise would.

3. Therefor, I am not as proud of my posts right now.

4. I think perhaps NaBloPoMo isn't actually for someone like me, who has something of a regular posting rhythm.

4. It is more for those who are inconsistent bloggers and need to push themselves to post more often.

5. Sure, I take lots of pictures with my phone, but I can't imagine anyone needs to see any more of them than I already share.

6. And sure, I'm a little crafty, and I cook a little, but this is not a craft or cooking blog, so posting things like that should not dominate.

7. Erica at Yeah Write has been so supportive, even inviting those on the NaBloPoMo grid to enter posts on the challenge grid. But, see #3.

8. I could have written about choosing baby names for today's Listicle, but....meh. Do you really want to know how we arrived at our children's names? Most of you have never even asked what AJ stands for. If it weren't for NaBloPoMo I probably just wouldn't have posted today. But because I must bow down to the National Blog Posting Month gods, here I am butchering a Listicle....

9.  ....complaining about NaBloPoMo. Because I chose to do it and I'm too stubborn not to finish, but I'm not really enjoying it!

10. Will someone PLEASE make sure I don't sign-up for it next year?? I mean, seriously, reach through the computer screen and slap me if I even mention it!

I bet a bunch of bloggers are really diggin' it. I honestly thought I would too, because I did last year. I have learned a thing or two along the way, which is always a good thing. But....I think I'm at a point with blogging where I just don't need any challenges.....

You know what it is? Blogging is not supposed to be challenging. It is supposed to be the one thing in my life that is pretty easy. I feel like writing all the time. But if I don't feel like it, I don't have to. Right now though, NaBloPoMo is saying I have to. It's like it thinks it's the boss of me.

Well screw you, NaBloPoMo! I will finish out the week and then NEVER AGAIN.

*Could be that I'm just in a bad mood, frustrated, PMSing or fed up with something else entirely and choosing to take it out on NaBloPoMo**.


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