November 23, 2012

Fall, Finally

Picasa says I have 117 pictures in my Fall 2012 folder. I've shared some of them along the way, but I thought it might be cool to put together a sort of "Autumn photo log", if you will.

This fall in the Pacific Northwest was pretty amazing. We had stellar weather well into October. Even as it was gradually cooling down, the sun remained in full force.

Probably the rain was tired and decided to take a little vacay. It does put in quite a bit of overtime around these parts.

All the extra sun gave us bountiful color!

Alright, I suppose I should stop. I know Autumn doesn't technically end until nearly Christmas, but it's beginning to feel a lot like winter now.

Isn't where I live beautiful? Would you believe I took all of these pictures just around my neighborhood? It's true! Imagine how much more beautiful going up to that mountain is.....

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and aren't being trampled in your local Walmart!

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