November 27, 2012


Have you noticed that Tuesday is like a nothing sort of day?

Monday is the hated first day of the week. Wednesday is "hump day" God, I hate that phrase. If anyone ever tells me "happy hump day" I will punch them in the mouth! Every single time I see someone post that as their status on Facebook I wanna tell 'em off. Thursday means the next day is Friday. Friday is the beginning of the weekend. And, well, the weekend doesn't need to be anything as it's cool all on its own.

Tuesday is non-descript. Movies being released for purchase and new music come out on Tuesdays. That's cool, but is it something we consider a thing?

Nope. Tuesday means nada.

Holidays are never on Tuesdays (this Christmas not withstanding). Pretty sure the only notable thing that regularly happens on a Tuesday is Election Day, and let's face it, that is not a happy day for about half of voters.

Yep, the only thing going for Tuesday is that it is the day of the week the most babies are born. I was born on a Tuesday. So was my daughter. Lemme tell ya, the day Camryn was born the hospital had to open their extra maternity wing. I almost delivered in a tiny little recovery room.

I kind of think Tuesday is terrific. It's usually a good day for my husband because he doesn't have to dialyze. The kids usually have school. I don't have to listen to anyone bitch about how much they hate Monday. And hey, if I want to, I can declare it Taco Tuesday. I love tacos.

This particular Tuesday, it's not going to rain, I have a therapy appointment and I can walk home from it in the crisp autumn sunshine.

What's not to love?

PS: Today is the first ever #GivingTuesday. Go do something nice and charitable. We'll be taking food items we don't need to our son's school for their food drive. :-)

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