April 21, 2016

How My Husband is Doing This Spring

Hello there.

The last detailed update about the state of my husband's chronic health problems was about two and a half months ago. There have been a few changes.

We now have another condition to add to the list: low thyroid (most likely due to taking the anti-arrhythmia medication, Amiodarone). This news actually gave us a little hope because Mark can take another medication to bring his thyroid level back up, and maybe that would help how he feels overall.

Since seeing his Endocrinologist, Mark's dosage of Levothyroxine has been upped twice. It has taken many weeks, but he is a bit less tired and bit more hungry.

One step forward....

The sore between his left-hand ring and pinky fingers is still trying to heal, and the bandaging for it created another sore between his thumb and forefinger.

Those two sores and the little hole still left in his chest got infected again, resulting in another round of IV antibiotics. Just when Mark's appetite was improving (antibiotics tend to upset his stomach).

Two steps back.

I would be very surprised if Mark's infectious diseases doctor isn't seeing the same pattern that I see has emerged over, at least, the last year. He seems to be able to be off of antibiotics for only about three to four weeks before he needs them again. I can only assume that a round of antibiotics helps, but does not cure the infection like it should; like it would in a healthier person.

And that's a scary thing.

Just yesterday, in fact, the ID doctor decided to discontinue the antibiotics. I'm willing to bet Mark will need them again within a month.

He's on a merry-go-round.

How Mark is doing mentally changes each day with how he feels physically, or how frustrating (or not) things are for him. A couple of weeks ago, we talked about whether or not he feels like his quality of life makes everything he's going through worth it. He answered by admitting to me that he has thought about stopping dialysis, that maybe he's getting near to just being done.

I thought he'd never feel that way. He thought he'd never feel that way.

Chronic illness -- being sick all the blessed time -- is rough. Really, really rough.

The new walkway that leads out to our new back patio, coupled with some very nice spring weather, has lifted his spirits....

But then he had a bought of nausea last night while getting ready for bed. As Mark gagged over our bathroom trash can he said, "I'm so tired of this."

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