September 28, 2015

You Know, Like Groundhog Day

In September of 2014, infection was discovered in my husband's chest (where it was cracked open for bypass surgery four years earlier). He underwent a debridement and was left with an open wound 18 cm long.

For the next eight months, we did everything we could to heal that wound without surgery. We eventually caved and Mark had a plastic surgeon perform a muscle flap procedure, after which he spent a month in a rehab facility with strict sternal precautions.

A month after returning home, two small abscesses formed on Mark's chest. He went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital for several days due to infection. He came home on both IV antibiotics and an anti-fungal.

Just as those two small wounds were THISCLOSE to healed, another abscess formed right in the middle of his chest. A CT scan was done and Mark was referred back to a cardiothoracic surgeon.
Now, in September of 2015, Mark has a new 3-inch wound and the high probability of the need for another debridement because, as this new doctor informed us, there is most likely something in there that is causing all of these problems and he's gotta find it and get rid of it, or it will just keep happening.

And we're back to square one.

Déjà vu.


I'm kind of angry. I cannot believe that of all the people who've had their hands in my husband's chest during this last year -- his original cardiothoracic surgeon, wound care specialists and a plastic surgeon -- not one could make this better, nor figure out that some sort of something (wire, bone, cartilage?) is likely still in there pissing off what immune system Mark has.

I feel like he went through the muscle flap surgery and a month in rehab for nothing.

Also, the plastic surgeon terrified us when he called after viewing the CT scan. He led us to believe there was fluid around Mark's heart and/or lungs, which is why he was referring us back to a cardiothoracic guy. We thought this meant that Mark had an infection around his most vital organs, that antibiotics weren't touching.

Which could have meant that infection was taking over and he could be dying.

That didn't turn out to be the case, but I have no idea why the plastic surgeon said what he said and scared us so badly. I have felt very tempted to call and ask him.

The new cardiothoracic guy showed us the scan, lanced the abscess, said "debridement" and "wound vac".

Sure, this is better than what we were originally fearing, but really? Have we to do this all over again?

I'm not sure anyone actually knows what they're talking about anymore. I don't know if I can trust any of them.

I know Mark's problems are very complicated. And I don't think anyone is being deliberately negligent. I just feel like they're supposed to be smarter than us, but aren't thinking of EVERY angle.

Why has no one else considered that there is some reason Mark's chest is so irritated? Four or five doctors later this is suggested.

Why can't Mark's doctors be as amazing as doctors on TV?

I want Yang or Grey, dammit! Or Dr. House. Seriously, can someone call  one of them? I'm certain they'd get this DONE.


If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.


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