October 7, 2015

Go Fund Us!

At my husband's behest, I set up a GoFundMe campaign last night.

Hall Home Help

I titled it "Hall Home Help" because we need to do some things around our house. And I enjoy alliteration.

We're going down this path because we tried applying for home equity loans/lines of credit but were summarily denied by three different banks.

Apparently you can't simply verbally promise that you have gone over your budget and really feel that you can afford the payments. The banks have to look at silly things like debt to income ratios and the percentage of equity versus what you're asking to borrow and some such math nonsense like that.

Even if your credit is good and YOUR HOME IS COLLATERAL and you've never not paid your mortgage. True story.

I am very frustrated with this because it was I who held out for so long on home ownership because I was worried about the upkeep. Right after I finally cave, Mark has to have emergent double bypass, has arrhythmia, and and and....to where we are now, with him no longer working and just hanging on.

Meanwhile, our exterior trim is flaking off at an alarming rate (I really have no idea if it's alarming or not, but it is to me) and our downstairs walls are taking a beating from Mark's wheelchairs because our living area is just barely big enough for one couch, a dining table and a man using a wheelchair.

We can't enjoy our little backyard because it becomes overrun with weeds every year. Each spring I try to kill the weeds, with some success, but they always come back. Once upon a time we thought we might garden, but that ship has sailed so we'd really like to just have one big patio to hang out on.

Cleaning the carpet isn't cutting it anymore. It's too worn, so the gray color at the base of the carpet fibers shows through.

I do love our little house and would like so much to feel like it's not falling apart around us. Mark regularly mentions wanting things to be in decent shape so I have less to worry about after he's gone. He worries a lot about that.

Oy. I hate talking about money, but here we are. Mark talked me into putting it out there because:

I'm not a very prideful person. I don't have a hard time asking for help. Somehow this is different, though. I feel vulnerable, I guess.

So! Just putting it out there. To you, the Internet and the Universe. With a humble heart.

Maybe it will go nowhere, and that's OK.

Thanks so much just for reading!

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