August 27, 2014

Ask Jen Blog Post Series

The View From Here has had its year in the sun and is winding down (last post will be 9/25).

I have thought of something new to try, however. Not another guest post series....although it could be, maybe, a way for ME to guest post for others....

This idea has actually been knocking about my head for quite awhile. Ever since I had you guys ask me questions for my blogiversary in 2012.

I got lots of questions! So many that I did a series of posts to answer them.

So why not try that again, but make it a more permanent feature of Dancing in the Rain?

You can submit questions -- about my life. blogging, parenting, marriage, Mark's health or anything you're curious for an opinion or perspective on -- and I can answer them in blog posts, either here, or even perhaps as a guest post on another blog, if the question-asker would like.

I'm not saying it will be with any particular regularity, but it would be nice to do it at least once a month.

So I give you: Ask Jen!
(complete with a totally dorky image/graphic thingy)

Questions that have been asked of me in the past include:

Pretty much run the gambit, don't they?

How 'bout a handy-dandy form?

You don't have to use the form. You can also email me at jenannhallblog @, or find me on social media and bug me there. I kind of love that, anyway. :-D

So this will be fun, right?

The correct answer is, "Yes Jen, yes it will!"

Good readers.

Now don't forget, this isn't just a one-time thing. The form (and me, myself) will be available, so whenever you think of something, come back and ask!

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