May 22, 2012

Question Me: About Blogging

After recently publishing Confessions of a Blogger, I thought the next set of blogoversary questions I answer might as well be the blogging ones!


1. What is your favorite piece you've written and why?

I think I've determined that my most favorite post is How Do I Love Thee?, because I was able to articulate to my satisfaction the complexities of my feelings for my husband. And I still think it sums things up well, despite having written it back in 2010 and lots happening since then. I do have a page up there under my header where you can find a list of my best posts.

2. How do you feel the connections/friendships you have made in the blogging world, have impacted you in comparison to your "real life" relationships?

The connections that can be made online are totally real. The great thing about them is that these people most likely aren't judging you AT ALL. And you get a whole other perspective from online friends. In comparison to IRL friends? I would say that online friend compliment, or round out, IRL ones.

There's even the possibility of making someone you met online a "real life" friend. I got to finally meet Danielle of motherhood: TRUTH this past weekend! My bestie Jessica (who also has a blog) and I met Dee in Seattle.

We had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory where we were seated next to a screaming child. All three of us shook our heads, wondering WHY when we moms get out for the night do we still have to listen to screaming children?

We had a little time left before Dee's ferry back to her side of the Sound so we stopped into the Red Robin bar where I drank one of these:

And then we asked the bartender to take a photo of us!

Left to right: Danielle, Jessica, Me
(We would have had bigger smiles, but the bartender took a little
too long to take the picture.)

It was quite literally wonderful to meet Danielle! She let me give her a big hug and squeeze her tight, something I've been wanting to do for months now because we both need all the hugs we can get.

I simply must add that being able to blog through the tough stuff in my life, and receiving so many sweet, caring and thoughtful comments back, is a HUGE gift.

3. Do you have any subjects that are off-limits to your blogging?

Well, no, not really. I can't say anything is completely off limits because I can't seem to help how transparent I am. That said, I do have things I'd rather not blog about. Not all that hip on discussing sex, money or dieting. Funny, but I can handle religion and politics, perhaps because I enjoy a good, healthy debate. Just haven't had lots of reasons to talk about those things. But I suppose I may since this is an election year. (Can we just skip it, leave Obama in office and call it good?)

But let me add, that I do try to be tactful and appropriate with my honesty and transparency.

Oh and, I don't want to completely embarrass my kids. I know, I'm too nice. I'm sorry, I just can't blog about something mortifying that happened to one of my kids. But there is a "sliding scale", shall we say? ;-)

4. Does all your family know about your blog, and are they supportive?

Yes, I do believe everyone in my family is now aware of my blog. They weren't at the beginning of the year, which is why I proclaimed, "I am a Blogger". And yes, I think they are all supportive. I know my parents are (they even comment). I think Mark's are too, but I have no idea how much they check it out.

This goes back to what I said about transparency. Don't think I'd have been able to go for long without talking about blogging with everyone, at some point. Also, Mark brags blabs about it a lot!

5. Where do you think you'll be with blogging in 2 more years?

I intend to still be doing it. Beyond that, I don't really know. I am open without expectation!

What I do know is that blogging gives you a voice. Whether it's to find yourself, help others, share recipes or fashion tips, or all of the's your voice and a platform. I didn't realize this when I started; I just didn't know about the scope of the blogosphere. Now that I do, I see it as this amazing opportunity to connect and share, to find a new path, to influence....for free therapy. I hope I will always blog well.

Do you know how you'd answer any of these questions?


  1. I love it. Open and honest and just really great. I hope you WILL still be blogging in 2 years. ;)

  2. I think there's a lot I don't talk about, but for the most part I write enough that you all do know who I am, if that makes any sense?

    Anyways, I'm glad I met you on here!

  3. I love that quote: "Words have weight..." It is one of the reasons I sometimes have such a hard time hitting "publish" when I am done writing a blog post. I sometimes worry that the weight of my words could be misread...

  4. A MUCH needed hug on both ends! Love you girl!!!

  5. Hmm, I have to think.... not sure there isn't much I wouldn't talk about. then again, not a lot of family read my blog. The hubby knows he's fair game - LOL.
    I absolutely love that quote! fantastic.