June 8, 2012

TGIF: Grampa's Backyard....and a Poem

Welcome to your spot for celebrating the end of the week!

A few weeks ago we went over to my dad's house for the afternoon. It was a very nice, sunny spring day. The kids played frisbee, AJ climbed a tree and I roamed around taking pictures of all the blooms.

The sunny, pretty family time made me happy, so that's what I want to share today. (Especially because things are quite the opposite as I sit here putting this post together.)

Nothing fancy here. Was just using my phone....

And then this....

Last week in my Fine post I told you about my daughter's end-of-the-year school project all about who she is. She's writing several stories and poems for it. Again, I got her permission to share this. Don't know if anyone else will love it like her mom and dad do, but we sure think it's great!

Who Am I?

A daughter, a sister, a friend
Do other people really know who I am?
To my parents I am their favorite little girl
To my teachers I am a sweet, hard-working student
Always special
Sometimes I am annoying to my little brother
And sometimes I am hard working at my chores
I am parts of my mom
Parts of my dad
Parts of my friends
Parts of my community and parts of the world
I am a sixth grader, but mostly a
teenager, and I admit also a child
Pieces of a puzzle that I think might fit together someday
I am awake, alert and ready to meet my world
To become a nurse, to learn everything I need to know
You may not believe it, but sometimes I am very stubborn
I am also a good listener, a good worker, who tries her best
I am a rememberer, and a forgetter
There are times when I feel like cooking with my dad
When I love spending time with my mom
When I feel totally happy and satisfied
Who Am I?
A daughter, a sister, a friend
And most of all Camryn Rose Hall

She's not actually a teenager yet, will turn 12 next month. I find it interesting that she constantly claims to hate her brother, wish she had a sister instead and wouldn't mind a bit if he were gone, yet "sister" is one of her biggest identifiers. Uh hu, can't fool me, Cami!

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