June 12, 2012

Getting to Know My Daughter Better

Of course I've known Camryn all of her nearly 12 years, but the past couple of weeks I have gotten to know so much more. There was plenty I already knew, like about her personality and interests. What I didn't know, was that she has been doing some growing.....but it's like it was turned on like a switch.

At the end of the school year all the 6th graders around here put together a big "Who Am I?" project. I've mentioned Cami's twice already, sharing a story and a poem she wrote.

She had been slowly plugging along at it since it was first assigned right after the MSP testing in May. This past weekend we did the final push to get it completed to be turned in yesterday. I was so proud of how hard she worked, pretty much all day, both Saturday and Sunday, without whining. I helped, but ONLY as a nag to keep her organized and as the grammar police (to an extent). When it came to putting her scrapbook together, I gave her creative license, letting her use anything of mine she wanted, only suggesting she change up the layouts so each page didn't look identical.

I happen to think Camryn's book came out fabulous! I really hope her teacher agrees and gives her a big, fat A!

In the process of watching her project unfold I learned that my daughter is thoughtful and perceptive. She does internalize things and feels deeply. She knows what she likes and what she hates (at least for now). And she is creative.

I think this was the perfect grade/age to do this sort of project too. Cami has enough years behind her to have plenty to share and document. Enough has happened that is starting to shape her. Also, now is a great time to clearly identify who she is and what matters to her, as she heads into her teens.

I got pretty invested in seeing this through with Camryn. My dad called me twice to see if I wanted to catch a movie with him, but both times I said no, that I gotta keep helping her. She did need my guidance, but also, I was really enjoying watching it happen. I was very proud.

Cami's photo collage


  1. What a neat project and a special keepsake from this time in her life. How wonderful that you were able to help her with it! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  2. Beautiful post, and her collage is fabulous! I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to work on school projects and have those grown up mommy-daughter moments with me :)

  3. Yeah Camryn. I would love to read her book some day. Will you ask her if I can? Thank you. Loves you guys! (I love that Nathan wrote about Camryn and Koah).

  4. What a beautiful quote. The project sounds so interesting and I love the photo collage. I could imagine my oldest daughter doing something like that, she's my little artist and creative genius.

  5. This is so stinking awesome! What a wonderful way to see inside her without having to invade her privacy.

  6. I LOVE that quote! I'm going to pin it now! Your daughter sounds like a lovely lady, and her project sounds so interesting!

  7. she did a fabulous job. what special and wonderful memories you have built with her. so awesome. I look forward to these things with my own two....the boy is so different. I just have to smell his farts and he's happy. :)

  8. I second, third, fouth, etc. that I LOVE that quote! Love it. My oldest daughter is going to be in 4th grade next year and - although I think she would love doing that assignment now - I agree that is sounds like the perfect 6th grade assignment.

    1. I bet if she did have to do it now AND then, they would be much different.