June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mother was born on June 6, 1957. Today she is 55!

My mom was only 16 when I as born, turning 17 shortly after. She got pregnant, married my dad in Reno, and moved with him back to his home state of Washington. She was 16 and he was 19. Just babies themselves!

Things didn't work out between my parents and they split up when I was 5. My mom left her heart in Lake Tahoe when she married my dad, so she decided to move back there. I stayed with my dad, visiting my mom on every school break until it was time to live with her after I turned 12. This wasn't easy, but they both loved me and I knew it.

I like to say my mom and I grew up together. Lots of people thought I was her younger sister and I think she liked it. I remember once when I was about 16, we were in the grocery store. I was an aisle away and yelled, "Mom!" She came around the corner Ssshhing me. She didn't want me to call her mom so loudly. Because if she's the mom of a 16 year old, how old must that make her? Of course I was just like, whatever, mom.

I am very sad that I don't seem to have any pictures of my mom and I when I was a teenager. Actually, don't think I have any with either of my parents. What's up that?

Her name is Deanne, by the way. That's "Dee-anne". She is the middle child of three, a Gemini through and through and a free spirit. She's a vegetarian, but not a vegan, thank God, and gets totally bitchy when she's hungry. I find this so hilarious because she absolutely needs food at regular intervals, yet it's sometimes hard to find her food she will eat. She hates doing housework, leaving most of it to my step-dad, who is a veritable saint. She's a pretty good cook even if she didn't bother to teach me how. She and my step-dad are very active, outdoorsy people.

The most important thing to know about my mom, probably the biggest part of her, is that she is a horse lover. She currently has two horses, Gabe and Bandit. Gabe is an old man now; Bandit is her youngin.

The white horse she's on? She rode an Andalusian horse in Andalusia, Spain last spring. Pretty awesome, hu?

This horse thing? Totally skipped a generation. I think horses are beautiful creatures. But I'm a little afraid of them. Because not only are they beautiful, they're also large and powerful. Gabe was the first horse I ever felt comfortable around. He's such a sweetheart (and only 14 1/2 hands). But my daughter? The love of horses went from my mom straight to her. A fact which I know my mother is quite proud of.

Speaking of my kids, to them she is GrandMama. This came about when Cami turned one and my mom was trying to teach her to say grandma. It came out like, "Grandmamamama". It was so cute, and my mom decided it sounded great. With several grandmothers to choose names for, it wasn't already taken either. Also unique is what Cami and AJ call my step-dad: GranDoug. Don't tell anyone, but that's my favorite!

Camping at Lake Tahoe last summer

My mom and I have turned out to be quite the opposites. Sure, there are traits and mannerisms I inherited from her, but that's about it. She and I have very different interests and have had very unsimilar life experiences.

Sometimes I think my mother is completely nuts. I'm sure sometimes she thinks the same about herself me. I know we've each hurt the other.

But here's the thing: We have unconditional love and respect for each other. I'm very proud of that. Here's another thing: We have mutual admiration for one another. I admire my mom's utter determination to live life to the fullest, and to do it authentically. She doesn't apologize for who she is or what matters to her.

Mom, I love you and I wish you the happiest of birthdays! I wish I could give you a big hug today, and have a a glass of wine. How 'bout this? Close your eyes, imagine hugging me, and later on, sip some wine with me in mind, remembering that we are connected, always. XOXO

Oh, and I think this is the BEST birthday card I could ever give you, so maybe print it out? Just sayin'.


  1. *crying!*

    You are the bestest kid I've ever had!

    I love you, too, sweet baby girl <3

    ((Virtual hugs))

    Thank you for the best card EVER!!!