July 29, 2015


I just want to tell you what we did today.

It was such a little thing, really. A family outing that probably most people just do and don't really think much of.

But it's kind of a bigger deal to me.

Because Mark can't drive anymore (I never could, remember) and he may have one doctor appointment or another, or be in the hospital, or even just not feel well enough....

So we don't do many fun things as a family these days. I do things sometimes, and our kids do too, with friends and such. Once in awhile Mark gets to as well.

Today? We took a quick 15 minute drive with Mark's paid caregiver to a local beach and picnic area called Kayak Point.

(Don't think the caregiver is supposed to take us to do such things, but it's very nice that she wants to; kind of feels like she's taking care of all of us a little bit.)
The weather was perfect and so were the views.

We walked out on the long dock where there were several men fishing.

AJ got Camryn to climb partway up this bouncy rope climbing structure thing (in her dress, no less) before she chickened out. Of course he went to the very top!

The water was really cold, but since when do kids care?

I happened to notice a sweet couple sitting near us too.

AJ "took a stroll" up and down the beach, trying to stay on logs only. He actually did this a couple of times. Once, Camryn joined him.

It was all just so nice.

It's the little things, you know?

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