August 8, 2015

These Little Moments

There have been some little changes going on in our house these past couple weeks that are kind of cool.

Mark got another hole punched in his hospital frequent visitor card, which of course is not so good. But it was, like, OK. Sure, he had developed yet another infection and was put on yet another round of IV antibiotics (plus an anti-fungal).

It's just that he was different during that stay. Calmer and more accepting. There was some emotional tension to work through after he got home, which included a trip to his therapist, but that ended up OK too.

And I'm left feeling grateful for some things:

1. In the process of fleshing out emotional and frustrating issues, Mark and I came to a couple of decisions about some changes we thought we should make around here. Like moving the TV out of our bedroom. Seems like a small thing, but hopefully it will make us less frustrated with our kids.

2. Also, shaking up, and adding to, the kids' chores. I finally have my daughter loading the dishwasher, and my son emptying the whole thing.

3. Asking the kids for help isn't automatically met with whining.

4. All four of us are talking more, in more even tones. (reminds me of the Coneheads "maintain low tones").

5. Our TEEN daughter sat in our room with Mark just talking and laughing for a good two hours the other night. This was unprecedented!

6. Speaking of Camryn, I'm very proud to say she now has her own bank accounts (with me as joint).

7, Oh, and she is giving us hugs more often. There was a period of time there when she claimed to not like hugs anymore. It sucked! Seriously, she's being really cool.

8. Mark's meat smoker. When he told he wanted one, I thought he was being nutty. Now I get to eat the delicious meats that come from it.

9. Doctor Who season 8 is now on Netflix!

10. For myself personally, learning how to relax. It has been a LONG time coming, but I think I finally know how/when to say, "OK, I've done enough today and I'm gonna plant my butt on the couch and just hang."

Now I need to learn -- re-learn, really -- how to leave the house by myself more often.

Did you know I recently got this tattoo?

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