December 22, 2014

Blogging Over the Holidays

Three, two, two....

Those numbers are how many times each of the weeks of December I have published a post. Apparently I squeezed out three the first week, but only two posts each of the following weeks.

When I am one who normally blogs three or four times every week.

But it's the Holidays. Not to mention, MY LIFE as of late.

I have been ten times busier in my everyday life since my husband's hospital stay in September. It has been a lot of work on my part (even with help) to keep everything running smoothly for us.

My blog is my refuge....but I haven't been able to get to it as much as I'd like. It makes me sad. But also in a way, it doesn't.

Because while blogging makes me feel good, so does taking care of my family.

I actually kind of hate it when bloggers feel the need to explain why they've been blogging less, or might need a break, to their readers.

I don't really think anybody should have to explain. You blog when you blog. Yeah, yeah, I know we're all told to be as consistent as possible so our readers know what to expect, blah, blah, blah....

I'm only writing this right now because it's been weighing on my mind. And when something is weighing on me, I need to get it out, or I'll never stop fretting over it.

It's all about me, doncha know?

But also, I wonder if other bloggers might ever feel the same?

I really want to do all the things, but when your life gets more demanding, you either stretch yourself too thin, or you cut back.

I am not Elastigirl.

There are so many things I want to do as a blogger. I've been at it for 4 1/2 years now and my growth has been very slow compared to others. Sometimes it sickens me that someone who started six months ago is further along than I am.

On the other hand, I have always taken a very Zen approach to blogging. I have grown organically, never forced it.

Just like every last thing in life: Balance.

If this were May, or something, I would be much more concerned, but since it's December, I do feel like I have an out, if you will. The Holidays are a great excuse to cut back.

Will anybody be reading anyway? Should they be?

I don't feel like doing a year-end recap, mostly because 2014 has been one of the most trying years of my life. Also, I've found, that you guys don't give a crap about reliving my bloggy year with me.

I do have a word in mind for 2015, but don't want to share that until the first....

I've expressed how much I'm looking forward to Christmas and shared what's on our wish lists. I could show you our family Christmas card....but really, what else is there to say right now?

And writing, editing, finding or creating a great image.....really, right now?

I am just so sure people do not care!

Social media, on the other hand....easy-peasy. Quick and dirty. So yeah, totally still around there. Because you want to see my kids in their Christmas Eve PJs on Instagram, and my quips about the funny things my family says or does on Facebook and Twitter, don't you?

I do. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!

So it's cool. It's all good. It's the end of the year. Time for a rest and reboot. Twenty fifteen will be here before we know it........

Are you blogging much over the Holidays?

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