December 17, 2014

Give Us Gifts!

The Tuesday Ten topic this week is to share what's on our Holiday wish lists.

I mean, yeah, I have a list of stuff I want, but it's not necessarily on my CHRISTMAS wish list. It's just stuff I want.

And, I don't think I can rattle off 10 things right now (my brain, I'm sorry)....BUT, I do think it would be fun to share what my husband and kids want too.

All my family is wishing for MOST this Christmas is:

1. Cash, cash and more CASH. Seriously, I double checked with him. He really just wants money that he can spend any darn way he pleases.
2. A gold box chain necklace to replace the one Mark gave me on our honeymoon that my babies broke and broke until it died. (Thankfully I happen to know that this WILL be under the tree for me!)
3. My "Thankful" tattoo.
4. Clothes. I know, I know, most women say this. But I'll tell ya what, I discovered TWO newly ruined t-shirts of mine this week and I've been tossing hole-y underwear out left and right.
5. A Seattle Seahawks t-shirt (that I know will fit; why is that stuff sized small??).
6. A Surface Pro 3. The girl dreams big.
7. The hottest new smartphone (even though I just gave her my last one).
She's not getting either of these things, poor kid. But I do think she'll be happy with what she is getting. At least, she better be!
8. A Kindle Fire HDX. (Kindle, yes. HDX, no.)
9. Non-fiction books. The kid likes FACTS.
10. Pants. My son used to be this super skinny thing that pants would fall off of....until right after I bought him new clothes for school this year, at which time he decided to fill out a bit so nothing fits right.  
We ALL would love to have a white Christmas, but will most likely not happen. And something for Christmas dinner, which we haven't decided on yet.

I sincerely want everyone to feel good (cough, Mark, cough) and be happy. We're going to have a full house Christmas morning with my mom and step-dad, my dad and Mark's mom (for Christmas dinner too?). It will be chaos, but happy chaos, I hope!

PS: At the time I was writing this, I didn't know my husband had called a local butcher and ordered a prime rib roast. So....I guess that's what we're having for Christmas dinner!

Do you think you or your family members will receive any of the things on their lists?

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