July 20, 2014

What Summer With Kids Looks Like

We are justabout to the halfway point of summer here and I've made some observations of how things are shaping up in our house.

Keep in mind that my children are 14 and 8 1/2. I no longer have Littles. Also keep in mind that things have been quite upside down as far as routine or normalcy go since my husband's most recent surgery.

That's not to say we have no routine this summer. My days typically entail:
  • Either sleeping in or getting up with the sunrise
  • Chores or exercise
  • Shower
  • Lunch
  • Various errands or computer time, interrupted by helping my husband or kid needs
  • A load of laundry
  • Scratching my head over dinner
  • Wondering where my son is off to and if my daughter will ever emerge from her room
  • Finally growing tired of the computer
  • Heading downstairs for a cocktail and Doctor Who with Mark (maybe the kids too)
  • Too often letting the kids stay up as late as me
I didn't say it was a good routine.



Summer with kids looks like....
  1. Late bedtimes
  2. As many sleepovers as humanly possible, and when not with a friend, with each other
  3. Lots and lots of ice cream - No longer a treat, but a necessity!
  5. Quick meals because you don't want to waste time eating
  6. Sleeping anywhere besides your own bed
  7. Getting wet in any way constitutes a bath
  8. The kitchen is NEVER clean
  9. Opening the door, yelling, "I'll be at the park!", slamming the door and running off
  10. Constant confusion as to what day it is
Going with the flow....that's my aim here.

Resistance is futile.

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