June 14, 2014

I Fell in Love with a Really Yummy Summer Cocktail

I quite unexpectedly fell in love with a cocktail I tried at Red Robin. I asked my server what all was in it and I swear she told me:
  • Moscato wine
  • Citrus vodka
  • Mango syrup
  • Club soda

I happened to gush about this drink to my girlfriends right before they came over to my house to celebrate my 40th birthday with me. I have this one friend who makes it a point to try to get things for people that they say they really like. She's a giver, that one.

Turns out, Red Robin's Citrus Moscato Fizz™ is made with a "refreshing blend of SKYY Infusions® Moscato vodka with muddled citrus and soda."

So, since what my server told me is different, and I totally had to wing it at home, no one can get their panties in a wad over copyright infringements or plaguerism or any other form of stealing.

The cocktail I am now obsessed with and want to drink every day this summer is really just inspired by Red Robin's drink.

Because the server I had that night apparently likes to make things up, I am going to tell you how to make a drink I shall call a....
Mango Moscato Fizzy

It's a little sweet, without being too sweet, and it's totally refreshing.
Perfect for summer, right?

Pin it.
Make it.
Love it.

You're welcome.

Sharing with Mama Kat for "a taste of summer"!

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