April 11, 2014


If I could go back in time....

I would never start biting my nails.

I would have made sure that car door was closed all the way so I didn't roll out and get a big lump on my head.

I wouldn't let my friend Shelley push me away in 6th grade.

I would visit my dad as often as I visited my mom before I moved in with her, and do better at staying connected to his side of my family.

I would not let certain people in my life ever make me feel less than.

If I could know then what I know now, I wouldn't have let myself lose all the sight in my left eye before getting help.

I would not lose my virginity to the guy I did. Jerk.

I would work harder at getting my driver's license at 16 so that maybe I could have had at least a couple of years of driving to speak of.

I would not let a disagreement over my boyfriend hinder my friendship with my high school BFF.

I would have worked at getting at least an AA degree.

I so would have put my hair up for my wedding - it was so hot!

I would learn how to not be so reactionary sooner.

I would have my children closer together.

I would be less fearful.

Do I regret what I've listed. Yes and no, because there are pros and cons to everything.

It does bother me that when someone is asked if they have any regrets they often say something like, "No, because if those things hadn't happened, I wouldn't be the person I am today."

Perhaps. But what if they're just not willing to admit they made some mistakes?

I've most definitely made mistakes, and to say that I don't regret anything, I think, would be very short-sighted of me.

There are several minor things on my list, but also some that are bigger, and still some I probably forgot to include. I have a few regrets.

But I think the most important thing, is that I've learned from them.

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. :-)

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