February 9, 2014

At the Bottom of the To-Do List

You know those things you keep meaning to pick up when you go shopping? Things that you don't need very often, so they're not usually on your radar?

You think about them on your way out, "Oh, I should pick up ______," and then you kick yourself when you get home because you didn't.

What about things around your house that could use fixing, but just aren't a high priority? Or things you'd simply like to change, but the current whatever-it-is works fine, so you don't think you can justify it because you only want a new one.

Such as....

1. A new broom - the one I have is all just....yuck. I want a new freaking broom! But is that ever something I'm thinking about between sweepings? No.

2. Vacuum cleaner filters - Ours got so full of crud, and our vacuum actually got clogged and couldn't suck properly, that we had to have it serviced by a repairman.

3. A second hose for the backyard - because the one in the front doesn't stretch all the way to the back (thisclose) and you're super tired of filling and refilling the watering can. (And actually, we need a new hose for the front now too because Mark ran over the one we had.)

4. Speaking of the backyard, brackets to rehang the gate - thankfully my step-dad is a busy-body so when he and my mom were here for Christmas, he got out there and fixed it.

5. Those special vanity light bulbs for the bathroom(s) - there are currently 3 of 5 out in our master bathroom.

6. Dish towels - ours are so shabby. But they still do the job....

7. Gas for the lawnmower - I'll mow the lawn, but filling the gas jug is Mark's job.

8. A new kitchen faucet - we have a bowl living under the sink because ours is leaking. But it still works, and faucets are not cheap, so we wait.....

9. Honestly, I'd love to replace all our faucets AND doorknobs - besides our front door, we still have all the cheap, unattractive ones the house was built with.

10. We have two empty planter boxes - Mark built 3 planter boxes in the backyard but we've yet to plant in two of them. Need dirt, yo. In the smaller one I want to plant strawberries, and in the larger, other edibles.

The bottom line is that these things aren't really big priorities, are they? Food, gas and new shoes for the kids are more important, so that's what we take care of first. This other stuff is extra.

On the other hand, I know they're not BIG things so it shouldn't be too hard to fulfill some of them, but still. Somebody is always NEEDING something! You know?

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