January 21, 2014

An Interview with an Eight Year Old

It's AJ's 8th birthday and finally time to share his 2nd grade school portrait and ask him some questions!

Back in October, when I got my daughter's 8th grade portrait, I had her answer 20 questions along with sharing her picture, as further illustration of where she's at as a 13 year old.

Now for the boy!

Totally bugs me that they used a lowercase J in his name!
I checked and double-checked that I entered AJ.

1. My favorite food is: Tacos

2. The best show on TV is: Agents of SHEILD

3. The coolest person on earth is: My dad

4. My favorite subject in school is: Math

5. The subject I like the least is: Music

6. The thing I do best is: Play video games

7. If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to: California

8. My favorite color is: Purple

9. When I grow up, I think I might like to be a: Marine Biologist

10. My current favorite song is: "The Other Side" by Bruno Mars

11. Three words that describe me are: Funny, nice, cool

12. My favorite season is: Summer

13. The snack I like the best is: Chocolate pudding

14. My best friend is: Mikey

15. My current favorite book is: Poppy by Avi

16. If I had one wish, it would be: My dad being healthy

17. My best memory is: Going camping at Lake Tahoe

18. My current favorite movie is: Avengers

19. One food that I really dislike is: Peppers

20. My favorite thing to do is: Spend time with my family

I was surprised when AJ said Music is his least favorite subject because he loves music....listening and dancing to it. He explained that he just doesn't like doing music at school.

AJ wants to go to California so he can both see his cousins and go to all the cool places like Disneyland.

I was also surprised that he said spending time with us was his favorite thing to do because he also spends a ton of time with his friends. Super sweet that he said family is his favorite. And of course what he said about his dad. Ooph.

Happy, happy birthday, kiddo! We love you so very much!

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