October 27, 2013

An Interview with a Thirteen Year Old

I did my traditional back-to-school posts on my son's second day of 2nd grade and my daughter's eighth day of 8th grade.

And by "traditional" I mean, two years in a row.

Now, though, I have Camryn's official school portrait!

My sweet baby girl is a teenager now. As she winds down her middle school years I thought I'd start a new tradition (inspired by Katie at Your Girls and Boys) of some "interview" questions to help keep track of how my kids' interests, opinions and perspective change over the coming years.

1. My favorite food is: apple pie

2. The best show on TV is: Once Upon a Time

3. The coolest person on earth is: Taylor Lautner 

4. My favorite class in school is: Social Studies

5. The class I like the least is: Language Arts

6. The thing I do best is: sing

7. If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to: Forks,Washington

8. My favorite color is: red

9. When I grow up, I think I might like to be a: nurse

10. My current favorite song is: "Roar" by Katy Perry

11. Three words that describe me are: cool, sister and sweet

12. My favorite season is: summer

13. The snack I like the best is: ice cream or apples

14. My best friend is: Rilaya, and Abby

15. My current favorite book is: Dead Is Not an Option by Marlene Perez

16. If I had one wish, it would be: unlimited wishes

17. My best memory is: going to Great Wolf Lodge

18. My current favorite movie is: Pitch Perfect

19. One food that I really dislike is: red peppers

20. My favorite thing to do is: play Minecraft

I am very surprised by the classes Camryn says she does and doesn't like. I thought for sure Math would be her least favorite (I even doubled checked with her to make sure). I thought Graphic Design would be her favorite by a mile. She says it's her second favorite.

Taylor Lautner and Forks, WA are because of Twilight. *gag

Asking for unlimited wishes is something she has thought a lot about.

She had to list two best friends because one she never gets to see outside of school and the other lives here in our neighborhood, so she hangs out with her a lot.

I think Camryn thinks she might like to be a nurse because of the times her dad has been in the hospital. But she says she wants to work with children. Camryn has ADHD and really struggles to keep up in school, so I've informed her that becoming a nurse requires several years of college. Not sure how much she's thought about that.

Apple pie? That's my girl!

Hopefully this isn't too long of a list to link with Monday Listicles. :-)

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